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11 gift ideas for the content creators in your life Holiday gift guides

Giving freebies to content creators is all about finding the things they need to make their lives easier, and that is sure to make them very happy this holiday season. If you’re looking for the right gift idea, here are 11 of my favorite tested and trusted products that they’re sure to love.

Featured gift ideas include products from Sennheiser, Lume Cube, Samsung, Zhiyun, Nikon, AKG, Synology, Hex, Hollyland, and HP.

Clear sound is one of the biggest problems for anyone creating videos, and the easiest solution is a lavalier microphone. Sennheiser’s excellent XS Lav mic plugs directly into any phone with a USB-C port and captures natural sound without a lot of fancy gear.

With a two-meter cable, creators can clip the mic to their shirt or jacket, and walk and talk to capture great video and audio from their phones. Best of all, the microphone is so small that viewers probably won’t even notice it in videos.

The excellent kit also includes a versatile Manfrotto Pixi mini tripod, perfect for stabilizing video while creators shoot, and it works either vertically or horizontally with a nifty clamp that secures the phone. Sennheiser is one of my favorite audio brands, from microphones to headphones and earphones, and it’s a great kit.

Lume Cube mobile designer lighting kit

Along with sound quality, light is another key component for videographers, and the perfect Mobile Creator Light Kit from Lume Cube is a quick and easy fix.

The kit includes a mobile designer holder for mounting the phone and an adjustable Lume Cube mini LED light with a diffuser. For selfie videos, interviews and for shooting indoor subjects or objects in particular, this is a fantastic kit, and the LED can last up to 14 hours at the brightest brightness setting. low.

The Panel Mini LED is also the perfect size to store in a camera bag pocket and will work well with a camera, phone, or laptop. The simple design also makes it easy to use, and I love the mobile creator stand, especially because it adjusts in so many ways, for any style of shooting with a phone.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is such a fun device for content creators, and it stands out from all the other phones available today. From the sleek folding design to the customizable color options and features, this is an easy phone to love.

When folded, the Z Flip 3 can still take photos and videos, it’s easy to check notifications from the cover screen, and it fits in almost any pocket. Unfolded, the beautiful and bright 6.7-inch display is perfect for work and play, with fast and crisp performance.

I also loved the selfie camera for video calls and selfies, and the rear cameras are great for capturing moments, whether it’s social media or just for fun. The phone also has some great accessories, like eye-catching cases, and there are some striking color options with the Custom Edition.

Zhiyun Smooth-Q3

On the move, stable video can be difficult to capture, and this is where the Zhiyun Smooth-Q3 Phone Stabilizer makes a huge difference. The smart stabilizer offers five modes for different shooting styles, it’s light and compact, and key features include gesture control, fill light and 7 hours of battery life.

The 3-axis stabilizer records videos vertically or horizontally, works with your phone’s camera app or the ZY Cami app, and has a smart tracking feature to keep all the action in front and back. center.

Regardless of the style of video, a stabilizer makes a huge difference in how video looks, and smooth video is so much better. I also loved how easy the Smooth-Q3 was to use and that the battery life lasted me all day when I was traveling or working. It’s a great device for everything from vlogging and short videos to panoramas or live streaming.

Nikon z fc

Nikon’s Z fc mirrorless camera looks like an old-fashioned SLR, but it’s packed with modern features. From the 20.9 MP sensor to capturing 4K videos, burst shooting, an adjustable touchscreen, and a good range of lenses and colors, this is a fantastic camera.

As a lightweight option that you can take almost anywhere, the Nikon Z fc is affordable, handles well, and content creators can easily capture high-quality videos for editing and exporting to their platforms. favorite social media.

With the microphone jack, videographers can also plug in their own microphone for the best audio quality, and it should be noted that the camera charges via USB, to make things easier. For a real personal statement, the camera is available in black, amber brown, white, natural gray, sand beige, coral pink and mint green.

Micro USB AKG Lyra

For podcasters, musicians, and live streamers, the AKG Lyra USB Mic delivers high-resolution audio that creators can use with their phone, tablet, or computer. It’s a plug-and-play option for Ultra HD audio that also looks great thanks to its classic design.

Podcasters can also choose the type of audio they need directly from the front of the microphone, choosing between front and rear audio, or narrow stereo versus wide stereo sound. There’s also a mute button and headphone jack for monitoring audio levels directly from the mic.

Pros may also choose to mount the microphone on a boom mic stand for easier use in studio spaces. Overall, this is a great microphone that delivers crisp, clear sound, and the audio quality will inspire creators working on their next project.

Sennheiser MKE 400 shotgun microphone

An excellent shotgun microphone is essential for videographers who capture events, interviews, and topics, without the need to carry a lot of additional audio equipment. The Sennheiser MKE 400 shotgun microphone attaches to any camera with a microphone jack, and it includes smart features that make capturing great sound much simpler.

The built-in windshield and stand reduce noise when shooting, and it’s small and compact enough to store easily when traveling. The included fur windshield also helps keep sound clear in windy conditions, and the mic picks up vocals very well.

In addition to everything else, the mic detects when the camera is on, so it turns on and off automatically, saving battery power when not in use.

Synology DS420 + NAS with Seagate drives | From $ 545

DS420 + Synology

Over the years, I have tried many network attached storage devices, and none of them impressed me as much as the Synology DS420 + NAS. For creators dealing with many large files, this is an exceptional device that offers an easy to use system and peace of mind.

Most importantly, Synology DS420 + has a backup solution for files, which includes security and a recovery option. Beyond that, the NAS also provides a virtual environment for secure remote file access, streaming audio and video, backing up files directly from your phone, and even multi-user access.

Synology Photos app also offers users an amazing way to browse and search images on the NAS, with search tools by subjects, places and people. It is an amazing system for anyone who needs to securely backup their memories and files.

Black Backpack for Hex Ranger Clamshell DSLR

Good gear also requires something else that’s just as important to content creators, and it’s a great bag to carry it all around. For an affordable and lightweight option, I love the Hex Ranger Clamshell Black DSLR Backpack.

The design is excellent, it offers ample storage space for cameras, lenses and other gear with dividers that can be adjusted to fit everything securely. There’s also a 15-inch laptop sleeve, adjustable shoulder straps, a useful front pocket with an organizer, and space for a water bottle.

A waterproof rain cover is also included that slips over the entire backpack to keep the pack dry on rainy days, and most importantly, it’s comfortable to wear, even when you wear it for hours.

Wireless audio can help with professional production, and the Hollyland Lark 150 system is a great, easy-to-use system for a wide range of uses.

Featuring two transmitters and a receiver, the kit charges in its own case, then pairs automatically for quick and easy setup. The receiver connects to a camera or audio recorder, and the kit includes two lapel microphones with fur windshields for outdoor use.

Battery life for the entire kit can be up to 18 hours and the microphones operate up to 100m of line of sight from the receiver. And maybe best of all, the transmitters weigh just 20.5 grams, so they’re easy to wear on a belt or clip onto a shirt, without getting in the way.

HP Envy Laptop

Serious creators need serious tools, and the HP Envy is one of the best laptops for editing videos and photos, posting, and more.

HP offers 13 ″, 15 ″ and 17 ″ options for Envy notebooks, with Intel Core processors and optional NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards to deliver the best results for creators. While many laptops only have integrated graphics cards, which are not as robust for video editing in particular, the HP Envy supports a 4K touchscreen, up to a Core i9 processor, up to 32 GB of RAM and the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card.

For creators who need to take their editing suite with them, the HP Envy is a great system with a range of options, and it’s versatile, powerful, with plenty of features that make the job easier, including an excellent built-in camera, speakers, and microphone for video conferencing.

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