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4 digital content creators share tips that have changed their lives and helped them the most in their careers

It’s 2022 and content creation has unquestionably become one of the most lucrative and sought-after (desirable) careers in the creative industry. But what makes a successful content creator? And more, what are the important attributes to ensure a seamless upward trajectory in the industry.

Over the past three years on How I Work, we have spoken to some of the most successful and successful professionals and entrepreneurs from various industries in Africa. In this week’s edition, we revisit our conversation with digital content creators Salem King, Peace Itimi, Korty EO and Fisayo Fosudo who shared the best tips and lessons that had the most positive impact on their careers.

Salem King, digital content creator

I think the one that changed my life would be “don’t compare yourself to people you should learn from”.

It changed my life, especially when I started my career in content creation, because the way content creation is, you have access to what everyone is doing, how well they are doing it, and what their content looks like. And then you are tempted to treat your work in this context.

Sometimes the difference between you and the other person is the time they invested, not necessarily the talent. They just took longer than you and you shouldn’t compare yourself to them, you should learn from them; you should be inspired, not intimidated.

Korty EO, independent filmmaker and youtuber

HE of Korty

I wouldn’t call it advice, I’d just say it’s something I’ve learned through a good home workout as I know it’s helped me on my journey so far. It’s just your attitude, having a good character, respecting people, young or old. Not because you’re looking for help, but because it makes people feel good and there’s nothing wrong with making people feel good.

Also, often times we get caught up in what’s going on in our lives, like “oh, I’m depressed, I’m sad”. You are so engrossed in it that you can’t really see how it affects the people around you. So if you’re in such a situation, just try to do nice things for people and you’ll feel better – except you’re a horrible person.

I guess I just respect people. I saw him open doors for me that I didn’t even know about because I wasn’t consciously trying to respect people, I was just being respectful because my mom raised me to be respectful. Not fake respectful too because obviously it gets to a point where if you take advantage of me, I’ll disrespect you.

Peace Itimi, digital marketing professional and trainer

I think it’s “fail fast” and “give yourself grace”.

I was talking to someone I admire and I was like, “What advice would you give to someone who wants to be like you?” And he said, “fail quickly.”

“While you’re still at that age, the best thing you can do for yourself is to try so many things and fail quickly.” And I clung to that.

And the second was from my first therapist who used to say, “give yourself grace.”

People will disappoint you, you will disappoint yourself but at the end of it all, always give yourself the grace because you can.

Fisayo Fosudo, technical video producer

Be quick in actions, be patient in results (I added this to my wallpaper).