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5 Best Web Designers in Portland, OR

Below is a list of the best and leading web designers in Portland. To help you find the best web designers located near you in Portland, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

Portland’s Best Web Designers:

The top rated web designers in Portland, OR are:

  • Stellaractive – helping different businesses and clients across the United States since 2007
  • Threshold – designs custom websites while building lasting relationships
  • Digital Cyphon – makes sure their clients and businesses stand out from the competition
  • Harlo Interactive – provides the time and dedication to create experiences that win hearts
  • Hawthorne Media Group – provides WordPress web design and website maintenance


Stellaractive Portland, OR

Stellaractive has been helping different businesses and clients across the United States since 2007. They offer full-service marketing solutions at affordable prices. They drive brand growth and maintain consistent messaging in cost effective ways. Moreover, it is a strategy-driven creative agency that elevates brands through effective marketing strategies.

They offer different services for different kinds of purposes. In addition, they offer a deisgna dn markein website. They also offer web hosting and managed services for e-commerce. Additionally, they offer SEO and marketing solutions.


web designers, SEO, hosting


Address: 1931 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
Telephone: (503) 384-2413
Website: stellaractive.com


“Classic Pianos partnered with Stellaractive nearly two years ago, and it’s time to review. The Stellaractive team has built our website for multiple locations across the United States. We meet regularly to creating and implementing our marketing, graphic design and keeping our website up to date They did an amazing job learning about our product and did a great job with our ad campaigns and social media I highly recommend Stellaractive and his team to anyone looking to enhance their business with an online presence.– Brian United


Threshold Portland, OR

Threshold designs custom websites while building lasting relationships. They design and create world-class websites. They make sure to follow all the latest web standards. Firtehmroe, your commitment to helping clients move their businesses forward. They also provide easy to understand services. Web designers and staff guide their clients from start to finish.

There are services for creatives and marketing. Moreover, they provide responsive web design, branding, and print design. There are also services such as SEO, copywriting, and email marketing.


web designers, copywriting, e-commerce


Address: 241 NE 70th Ave, Portland, OR 97213
Telephone: (503) 512-0525
Website: yourthreshold.com


“Our agency was looking to partner with a strong development team for a complex website we had designed for one of our clients. The Threshold dev team knocked it out of the park. We went live on time and on budget with a beautiful, personalized, mobile-friendly site that is already generating business. The Craft content management system is easy to use and provides ultimate flexibility to grow with our client. We will definitely look to Threshold for future projects. – Athena Maris

Digital Cyphon

Cyphon Digital Portland, OR

Digital Cyphon makes sure their clients and businesses stand out from their competitors. They offer actionable web design and powerful branding. They provide clients with new ways to engage, reach and influence consumers. Plus, all the websites they create are ADA compliant to ensure equal opportunity for everyone.

With web design, they make sure to attract and engage the brand’s ideal audience. Additionally, they offer full-service digital advertising solutions to enhance online presence. They also establish a unique brand identity through their branding strategies.


web design, branding


Address: 1649 NE 140th Ave, Portland, OR 97230
Telephone: (503) 887-2977
Website: www.cyphondesign.com


“An excellent find in a crowded market; Cyphon was the 5th agency we spoke to. Lien presented a very clear and deliberate proposal. Their designs were the most creative and their marketing case studies were also impressive. They were one of the few agencies that took the time to customize their plan for our particular content marketing needs, and it went a long way. We are convinced that we made the right choice. – Amy

Harlo Interactive

Harlo Interactive Portland, OR

Harlo Interactive provides the time and dedication to create experiences that win hearts. They help brands to digitally interact with their target audience. They provide the best opportunities to grow the business. Additionally, they have partnered with groups like Twilio, Disney, Daimler and many more. They ensure that their clients are impressed with their services from start to finish.

For strategy, they offer content marketing and photography. Moreover, they offer human-centric web design and user experience. They also provide responsive web applications and software.


web designer, web development, web application


Address: 850 SE 3rd Ave Suite 403, Portland, OR 97214
Telephone: (503) 517-8074
Website: harlointeractive.com/work


“I’m so glad to have Harlo Interactive behind my branding! I’m a general contractor who recently opened his own business. Danny helped me stand out among a crowd of contractors and gave a huge boost thumbs up to my business for the quality of his design work and professional services.I highly recommend him and his team.” – Norvi Rivera

Hawthorne Media Group

Hawthorne Media Group Portland, OR

Hawthorne Media Group provides WordPress web design and website maintenance. They help businesses grow and engage their target customers. They are also experienced in communicating the right messages. Moreover, they offer plans designed to effectively help their customers. They ensure that their clients get the best possible results and service.

They maintain the website for different types of issues. Moreover, they focus on the quality, content, and usability of their web designs. They also provide content marketing, SEO, and social media marketing services.


website designs, website maintenance


Address: 240 N Broadway Suite 201, Portland, OR 97227
Telephone: (503) 238-4024
Website: hawthornemediagroup.com


“Hawthorne Media Group does it all. They build beautifully functioning websites with stellar SEO optimization, find the holes in your current website and plug them, and they perform monthly maintenance to make sure people see your website. 100% recommend them to take your website to the next level and keep it going. –Kevin Twitty