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5 mistakes content creators should avoid when monetizing their work

If the content you’ve posted yourself has captured an engaged audience for you, it makes sense that you’re curious to find ways to turn your hobby into a source of income.

The internet is full of people who claim that it’s easy to make money as a digital content creator, but most of the advice can be misleading and send people down the wrong path.

You should be especially careful with content that is more than a few years old, because what worked then often won’t work today. The competition is much greater than before and the overall quality level has increased. On top of that, new platforms are emerging, and existing ones are changing their rules considerably.

The brutal truth is that 52% of scammers earn less than $ 100 per month. If you’re hoping to do more than that, you need to avoid many of the common mistakes creators plague. You have to adopt a mindset where you think you deserve to earn money, with all of your trading moves emanating from this knowledge.

You may be limiting yourself without realizing it, falling into the mentality traps listed below.

Waiting for your full website

When the World Wide Web first took hold, everyone bought their own domains to create their own sites, as that was the only real option available. Today there are many better options that require a lot less time. It can be easy for a creator to delay monetization because you think you need a full website, but instead think about how many of your favorite creators are actually logging into a microsite.

Lightricks’ Link In Bio is the # 1 choice for a free microsite builder. It lets you link to all your content in one convenient place and gives you the options to make it look good. Best of all, you can add a tip jar so your superfans can send you money directly.

Rather than incurring the costs of building and maintaining a traditional website, you can immediately use your microsite as a source of income.

Once you have generated some income then you can invest in someone to build a website for you. Still, you might find that you don’t need a full website as much as you think.

Focus only on quantity

Many “internet gurus” will tell you to focus on consistency above all else. They say you need to post 100 articles or 100 videos before you think about making any money.

Don’t believe them. This is an easy way to waste your time because when you focus on volume gaming there is no real content strategy.

With everything you post, you need to add value to the lives of your audience. This is the most important thing – otherwise they will quickly learn to skip content every time they see your name. Repetition helps, but you have to be critical and look for ways to improve yourself. If you want to monetize quickly, it may be worth investing in a coach who can shorten your learning curve.

Create a lasting calendar for yourself where you can produce high quality content that can earn you new subscribers. If you have another job, you can try batch processing, where you create your content in a short burst and then spread it out over time using a scheduling program like Later. It makes your schedule less busy each week and you can think about the big picture.

Thinking too small

Unless you’re a real celebrity, you’ll have a small audience to start with. All of the people you see with millions of subscribers started off at the same point as you. However, the tactics they use once they’re successful are different from what you should be doing with your humblest followers.

People often start by selling cheap digital products because they don’t have the conviction that they are worth charging higher prices. Yet if you price your courses, premium downloads, or NFTs at $ 5 to your 200 subscribers, you would need each person to buy in order for you to earn $ 1,000. It is highly improbable, to say the least. On the other hand, if you offered a plan for $ 1000, you would only need one person to buy it.

This is why it is so important to change your mindset from a mass sale to a high price sale if you want to make money as an early stage designer. When you complete these orders, you will gain confidence which will attract more people to your community. You can consider cheaper products once you have the scale to make the ROI worth it.

Ignore SEO

Many designers are brilliant at what they do and love the creative side. However, it’s the people who marry this passion with a strong marketing flair who actually see the most success. The truth is, it doesn’t matter how good your content is if no one ever finds it.

If you want to monetize on YouTube, you will need 4000 hours of viewing time. It is way more than what you can ask your friends and family to regard as a favor. If you want to hit that threshold, you’ll need strangers to find your content organically, and the best way is to use search engine optimization.

On YouTube, you can use a tool like TubeBuddy to make the process easier. This service suggests the correct wording you should use to create content that people want to see and are likely to find on your page. This will dramatically increase your viewing time and eventually your income as well.

Being afraid of finding sponsors

Creators can greatly underestimate themselves if they are unfamiliar with the world of sponsorship for micro-influencers.

Even if your audience is small, if it’s very specialized, you can find a lucrative sponsorship deal. Indeed, sponsors would prefer to pay a micro-influencer with a very intentional audience rather than a larger one with a disengaged audience. It works for both parties because you can make a lot of money and they save on sponsorship fees, compared to what they would have to spend working with creators who have more established accounts.

What’s even better is that studies have shown that micro-influencers have a much higher engagement rate than large influencers. On Instagram, for example, it is more than three times higher (3.86% vs. 1.1%) for people with less than 15,000 followers compared to those with more than a million.

Today, there are specialist sponsorship markets in every niche, so it’s worth exploring to see which brands might be interested in a collaboration.

Final thoughts

The big point to remember is that you can monetize successfully even if your subscriber count is low. You don’t have to hang around and wait until you have a perfect website or huge following. Start monetizing today, and you can scale as you go.