Web developers

Assessment: FreeUp offers remote jobs for freelancers and web developers

What: To free is an independent marketplace for content creators, web developers, technical support, sales and marketing professionals, accounting, translation and administration jobs

Expected salary: $ 10 to $ 75 per hour, defined by you, depending on skill level

Husl $ core: $$$$$ (scale of 5)

Commissions and fees: 15% (paid by the employer)

Or: At national scale


  • Be legally able to work
  • Provide a curriculum vitae and general information
  • Pass a selection process

Freelancers in the FreeUp Marketplace joke that they are screened as if they are going through airport security in a war zone. But if you go through this selection process, they are happy that you find a lot of work and that it pays well. Once the selection is complete, you create an account and view open employer projects.

If you want to take over a project, you contact the client for a short 10-15 minute chat, during which the client decides whether or not to hire you. You can also group chat with other freelancers on the platform.

Freelancers in this market set their own rates based on their skill level. Entry-level positions (usually reserved for people outside of the United States) pay $ 5 to $ 10. Mid-level professionals charge $ 10 to $ 30, and experts can charge $ 30 and more. The site takes a 15% commission. However, the platform adds these fees to your rate payable by the employer. It is not deducted from your rate. And because no one enters this market without filtering, your rates are unlikely to be lower than low-wage workers looking for crumbs.

We found plenty to like and nothing that worried us about this platform.

Recommendations: If you are a skilled worker in any of the industries in which FreeUp operates, this site is worth a try. Also consult FlexProfessionals and JumpTheDrive.

What workers are saying (of Glass door):

Working at FreeUp was the best decision I have ever made. The work culture is amazing and the job site is full of energy. Throughout the day with team members ready to meet your every need. If you’re not motivated by just opening Skype and all the day-to-day activities and interactions, this probably isn’t the job for you.

FreeUp has provided a platform where many negative aspects of freelance work (constant interviews, CV updating, marketing yourself, negotiating rates) are taken care of so that you can focus on the real job. I like that I don’t have to trade $ – it’s done for me. The staff are quick and responsive and the CEO is readily available to any entrepreneur for discussion.

Normal people to deal with. No need to compete with all the other freelancers since everyone was checked harder than by airport security. The pay is good. Everything is guaranteed and there is real support for freelancers unlike other freelance websites.

Positive working environment. Incredible opportunities to meet clients, grow my business and build long term working relationships. Competitive compensation and opportunities to collaborate with other contract workers.

Kathy Kristof is the editor of SideHusl.com, an independent site that reviews hundreds of lucrative opportunities in the concert economy.