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Call of Duty: Mobile Content Creators Ferg, HawksNest, and Bobby Plays Get In-Game Characters in Season 11

You may have only been able to watch some of your content creators play Call of Duty: Mobilebut in season 11 you can play with them.

Activision has revealed that it’s bringing a new Creator Club beta to COD: Mobile in the coming season. In this, fans will be able to celebrate their favorite content creators, while providing in-game entertainment.

Along with this club, new bundles are also coming to the game. These bundles will include in-game characters from popular creators Ferg, Hawksnest, and Bobby Plays. Activision said Creators Club will be released “later in the season,” meaning it won’t be available when the season begins on December 16.

Although all three creators have been confirmed to be coming to the game as playable characters, no images have been revealed yet. More details will likely be revealed soon.

Ferg, Hawksnest and Bobby Plays are three of the most famous content creators for COD: Mobile, as they have done since the game was released over two years ago. Ferg has 2.36 million YouTube subscribers, while Hawksnest and Bobby Plays have 548,000 and 771,000 respectively.

COD: Mobile season 11 is called Final Snow. Apart from the creator packs, it will bring the Black Ops 4 Icebreaker map, Ammo Box operator skill, and more.