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Canon captivates photographers and content creators with the EOS R3

By Dipo Olowookere

One of the world’s leading professional camera manufacturers, Canon CCNA, has given photographers and content creators everywhere a reason to open their mouths in awe.

This is due to the advancement of the company’s new full-frame mirrorless camera model, the professional-grade Canon EOS R3.

Building on the success of the EOS R series of cameras, the Canon EOS R3 features ruggedness and performance that can deliver maximum speed, versatility and reliability for sports, wildlife and reportage photographers. .

Leveraging its technological advancements developed for the original EOS R series in 2018 and bridging the gap between the highly acclaimed EOS R5 and Canon’s illustrious flagship EOS-1DX range, Canon EOS R3 highlights exceptional AF performance and speed. with fast moving subjects.

The EOS R3 is also Canon’s first “3” series camera since the 1998 launch of the widely used EOS-3 film camera. Additionally, with the EOS R3, photographers can now enjoy a maximum shutter speed of 1/64000s and 30 fps continuous shooting, with simultaneous AF/AE tracking.

A key feature of Canon’s new innovation involves next-generation Eye Control autofocus technology that allows the camera to focus seamlessly wherever the photographer is looking, enabling extreme agility in fast-paced scenarios.

The camera design incorporates a high-resolution 5.76m OLED EVF and 3.2-inch vari-angle touchscreen LCD, as well as dual memory card slots, wireless and wired connectivity, and a multi-function hot shoe design updated for expanded accessory compatibility. .

The camera is capable of shooting uncropped 6K 60p RAW and 4K 120p 10-bit uncropped video with Canon Log 3 support, in addition to the ability for internal upsampled 4K and RAW movie recording.

Commenting on his experience with the Canon R3, Lorenzo Salemi, a multi-talented lifestyle and fashion photographer, said: “We live in the age of content and any tool that makes it easy for you to create content is a jackpot.

“I’ve been in the photography business for years playing around with different subjects, but I’ve never been so impressed with a camera before.

“The autofocus and visual control functions undoubtedly set this camera apart from anything else on the market, the EOS R3 captures fleeting moments at 30 fps, revealing details that are missed in the naked eye. So whether you want to shoot motorcycles or wildlife or capture detail in fashion photography, the Canon R3 has you covered.

For his part, Emmanuel Oyeleke, esteemed Canon Ambassador and lifestyle photographer, called the EOS R3 “a phenomenal masterpiece from Canon”.

“I’ve been very impressed with the use of the EOS R3 over the past few months, whether it’s the new technology, the added features or ergonomics, or the battery life. It takes the art of photography to a higher level thanks to the ease it offers when shooting.

“I shot a full documentary with just the Canon EOS R3, but once you’ve seen it, it’s hard to tell there’s only one piece of equipment involved in the shot because it is quite similar to the image quality of a film.

“For the purposes of my documentary, I had to shoot a variety of fast-paced subjects which the camera captured brilliantly. If you’re looking for speed, power, precision and ease of use, the Canon R3 has it all. go beyond the call of duty.It’s like a beast of a camera that lets you outperform any situation, whether you’re outdoors or indoors or in harsh weather conditions.

“If you are someone like me who enjoys photographing various subjects, from fashion and street-style to nature and portraits, this is surely the camera that will capture your imagination. Continuing the legacy of the 1DX series, the Canon R3 is indeed every photographer’s dream and best friend.

Already, Canon has started its Canon R roadshow – a series of roadshows that will give people the opportunity to get acquainted with the revolutionary camera from January to December 2022. The R3 roadshows will be held in different countries inviting people from diverse backgrounds to participate in the trial and experience first-hand the brilliant innovation of the Canon R3.

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