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CCI orders investigation against Google; search engine not yet received an order

CCI fair trade regulator Chaitanya Nallan on Friday ordered an investigation against Google for its allegations of abuse of dominance.

What is it about ?

The Digital News Publishers Association said the majority of news website traffic comes from online search engines, and Google will be the most dominant search engine.

He said that over 50% of the total traffic on news sites is routed through Google and, being the dominant player, Google, through its algorithms, determines which news site is discovered through search.

In addition, Google is the major player in the digital advertising space and it unilaterally decides on the amount to be paid to publishers for the content created by them, as well as the conditions under which the aforementioned amounts must be paid.

He further stated that Association members face loss of advertising revenue and the inability to negotiate a fair share in the information dissemination value chain, despite the hard work and generation of credible information.

What is CCI’s point of view?

In view of the foregoing analysis, in short, the Commission is At first glance believes that Google has violated the provisions of section 4 of the law, ” according to the order of the Indian Competition Commission (ICC).

Section 4 of the Competition Act 2002 deals with abuse of a dominant position.

The order follows a complaint filed by the Digital News Publishers Association.

The regulator instructed its investigative arm, the Director General (DG), to initiate an investigation into the case and submit the investigation report within 60 days.

Google did not receive an order

When FPJ contacted Google, the company said it had not received the order.

Abhishek Malhotra, Founding Partner of TMT Law Practice, said: “The ordinance, while high quality, is consistent with similar ordinances adopted by competition authorities in France and Australia in 2021. These proceedings have led to the conclusion of agreements between the competent authorities. news publisher associations and Google, under which the latter has agreed to share a more equitable share of advertising revenue generated by the use of publishers’ content. competition law.

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Posted on: Saturday January 08, 2022 12:43 IST