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Content creators have already joined the beta launch of the BULLZ app

The use and awareness of cryptocurrency has increased in recent times, welcoming more and more people into the industry. Sadly, this boom in popularity is also causing shady characters to emerge, prompting people to invest in dishonest ventures. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to get authentic information about the crypto space. Fortunately, people strive to create spaces where it is easy and reliable to get information, like WOM Protocol Pte. Ltd.

WOM Protocol is a social commerce solution that enables brands to take advantage of word-of-mouth recommendations. The company recently announced a one-of-a-kind new app for users of the crypto space. The app, known as BULLZ, is the premier dedicated platform for users to discover and get authentic recommendations related to blockchain and crypto.

The BULLZ app is the first platform dedicated to social content related to blockchain and cryptography. Users will join a community of people with similar interests, learning and sharing with each other. On the BULLZ platform, users will be able to find trending projects, discuss them with other crypto enthusiasts and experts, and then make money from this engagement.

In order for users to qualify for payments, they will need to share their own videos about projects and businesses in the crypto space they love. Users will need to share these videos directly in the app. These genuine recommendations will then be rewarded with WOM tokens.

About the WOM protocol, the team at BULLZ Says, “The WOM protocol is a cost-effective incentive system that allows users to monetize their honest word-of-mouth recommendations on blockchain-related projects.

However, before the award is released, the user’s recommendations will be peer reviewed and authenticated. Only recommendations deemed authentic, positive and creative by the community will be eligible for payment. By rewarding real and honest efforts, the BULLZ team believes that the awareness of the projects will increase faster.

The BULLZ team also believe that the content shared on the app will be useful to industry leaders in the crypto community. These decision makers will be able to make more informed choices about which projects to participate in based on community responses.

Currently only the beta version of the app has been released, the creators are already exploring its capabilities. The app is available for Android and iOS users. Over the next few months, BULLZ will release additional features as they are developed. The team is already working on a chart of trending project leaders discussed on the app to gain insight into metrics such as engagement with a project.

The newly launched WOM Campaign Manager will help brands and projects access authenticated user-generated content created on BULLZ. The campaign manager will allow them to browse user recommendations on their projects. It will also help them buy WOM tokens to boost the content and give it more visibility, increasing its chances of being shared on the BULLZ app.

BULLZ could be a beneficial opportunity for creators who are already creating videos in the crypto space. Instead of waiting for branded offers or creating a lot of content for nothing, a creator has the freedom to “promote to win” on BULLZ.