Content creators

Dear content creators, you have a choice to make

Dear content creators

Where you put your content is becoming more important than ever.

If you build it, they will come. That’s all well and good for a baseball diamond for ghosts, but for your content, it takes more. Choosing the platforms for your content is a crucial piece of the puzzle. When it comes to regular video content, it’s safe to say that YouTube is the place to be. There are other places to put your video, but they don’t have the reach and, frankly, they’re just not YouTube.

But then the question becomes “Do I post it to everyone?” My advice here is no. If people search online and see links to your video, which one do you click? Splitting your views across multiple platforms will hurt your growth. That doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of these other platforms, though. Take your video and make clips, using the clips to direct viewers to your YouTube page to watch the whole thing. Clips, however, should be worthy of the attention of your potential audience. Don’t just take a piece of the full video and throw it somewhere else. Make the video stand out. Make people want to see you more.

While this one has a simpler answer, other content has gotten a bit more complicated over the years. Let’s start with podcasting. This choice doesn’t seem like a big deal, because they all send your podcast to all the major providers (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.). But what goes into your podcast host AND what you can get out of it will make all the difference to your personal experience.

When looking for a good podcast host, the main things to consider are price, ease of use, and analytics. Some hosts can be quite expensive, while others are oddly cheap or sometimes free (eg Anchor). Be aware of what the cost brings you. Some offer a cheaper price for a limited amount of download space per month, which may not be what you need.

There may also be caps on the number of listeners you have, which makes it cheap when you’re new, but the price will increase as you grow. Feel free to start on a free platform if you think you can get what you need at first. Keeping costs down is crucial as you decide if podcasting is right for you. You can always make a move later. Most platforms make it easy to move your show and maintain all your old episodes.

“When looking for a good podcast host, the main things to consider are price, ease of use, and analytics.”

Also beware of the monetization options offered by some platforms. It’s tempting to allow your platform to insert ads on your behalf, and they even give you tools to place them where you want, making you feel like you’re in control. But the control you lose is more important. First of all, you don’t choose your advertisers. Getting ads for something your audience isn’t interested in is a great way to turn listeners off, especially new listeners.

Dear content creators, you have the choice to do 1

Also, where do you think most of that money goes? Not to you. Your platform takes the biggest chunk of the money your show makes. So, as I said before, know your worth. Be in control of your own content from start to finish and don’t take the easy way out for a quick dollar (or more accurately, 6 cents).

Ease of use is a given here. You don’t drop nukes. You download an audio file. Some platforms can make the process incredibly easy while others have unnecessarily complicated the process in an attempt to look like they are ahead of the curve. At the end of the day, you just want a platform that offers the features you need and looks presented in the most sensible way.

“At the end of the day, you just want a platform that offers the features you need and looks like it’s presented in the most sensible way.”

Analytics are a crucial tool for measuring your growth and in the world of podcasting, not all analytics are created equal. They have to pull data from everywhere because unlike YouTube, your content is streaming everywhere. However, solid analytics from your web host give a clear picture of your internet performance and can be compiled into a nice sheet to show potential advertisers what your audience really looks like. Make sure the platform you choose has IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) certified analytics. If you like a platform that has below average analytics, there are other services like Chartable that can get the job done regardless of your platform.

Dear content creators, you have the choice to do 2

There is no other form of content that requires more personal research to make the choice that’s right for you. If you ask a lot of people what is the best platform, you will get a lot of answers. If you ask the same people what they think of other options, every platform you’ve heard is the best, you’ll also hear the worst.

All you can do is do your best to research the available options and find the one that best suits your needs. Keep an eye out for disguised items when looking for the best podcast host on the internet. Many articles are sponsored by (or even created by) one of the platforms in question. They’re pretty easy to spot once you’ve seen a handful.

“Streaming has exploded in recent years and most of that audience has fallen on Twitch, which dominated the market primarily because it was the only serious game in town.”

The last type of content is ironically the most difficult to choose your platform at the moment because it offers the least choice. Streaming has exploded in recent years, and most of that audience has fallen on Twitch, which dominated the market primarily because it was the only serious game in town. Since then, some rigs have come on hot, attempting to make big strides, but ultimately failing. There are only a few serious contenders left. While there are live features on most social media apps, the biggest platforms for the typical streamer are YouTube and Facebook.

While Twitch remains ahead, there have been a few changes that show weak spots in the armor as they’ve recently made a number of unpopular announcements, combined with a number of big moves made by YouTube, leading to a a number of big names. streamers making the jump from Twitch. Facebook, at the moment, seems content with its place in the hierarchy as it offers 100% of the compensation share and that’s for a simple reason: Facebook doesn’t care enough about Facebook Gaming as a source of revenue. Expect little change with them.

So where are you going? Twitch or YouTube? The answer is not so simple. Many cool features on Twitch don’t exist on YouTube yet, or if they do, they’re only in beta for a select number of streamers, so if you’re already on Twitch, it might not be. no time to jump. The greatest creators move, but they do so with contracts and with the assurance that at least part of their audience will follow them. It’s not a luxury for a small streamer, you might want to wait until it makes more sense financially to make the move. Keep a watchful eye.

Dear content creators, you have the choice to do 4

There is also another option. You don’t have to choose one platform when you can choose them all. Multi-streaming is an option many people consider because it puts you on all platforms at once. By using products like Streamlabs, Restream, or Melon, you can select multiple platforms and stream to all of them, taking the hard decision out of the process. They all even support chat, so you can hear people on each platform. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that when you stream everywhere, you’re diluting your audience, preventing a platform from reaching its maximum potential and inevitably hurting growth in any given location.

An interesting strategy here can be to broadcast multiple streams with the aim of directing viewers to a single platform. You will never have everyone. There are people who are loyal viewers on their platform of choice, but this is the best compromise to bring your audience together in one place and maximize your reach. There’s a cost with any of the multi-stream software I mentioned, so like podcast hosts, do your due diligence and find the one that works best for you.

The bad news is that there are plenty of choices for getting the most out of your career as a content creator, but the really good news is that the choice is yours.