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Digiskarteng Pinay returns with a workshop for content creators

LAST year, during International Women’s Month, Google’s Digiskarteng Pinay program shared stories from inspiring Filipinas who have discovered livelihood opportunities through YouTube and its content. This year, Digiskarteng Pinay returned with a free online training workshop for Filipino content creators as part of its mission to upskill and create livelihood opportunities for women.

“Digiskarteng Pinay is a platform for women’s empowerment and development, believing that when we uplift women in the country, we uplift households and communities,” said Bernadette Nacario, Director of Google Philippines. “As we strive to help more women, part of our goals at Digiskarteng Pinay is to empower people with more resources created by the Philippines and their allies, for the Philippines.”

Although I received extensive training as a participant in YouTube’s “Creator Program for Independent Journalists”, I always wanted to learn best practices from local YouTube creators and compare notes. Joyce Pring, Team Lyqa, Team Tarah, as well as Vern and Verniece Enciso discussed YouTube growth strategies, production techniques, alternative monetization, and building his YouTube business, among others.

Here are some helpful tips:

find your voice

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As a content creator, it’s important to first establish what their channel is about. Defining the purpose would make it easier for a creator to find their way around and consistently deliver content that would resonate.

“The most important thing is to know your ‘Why’ and your ‘What.’ Find your voice,” said Andrea Romualdez, head of strategic partners at YouTube. “A good first thing to consider is to ask yourself how would you like to make an impact? Are you there because you want to share something specific? Do you have a passion for something or a talent that you really want to get known? “

Defining my voice on YouTube wasn’t that difficult. I just translated my short form of written content into videos.

Make the most of what you have

Starting a content creation journey on YouTube can be daunting. But you don’t need the best equipment to film the best content. With accessible and affordable devices that could shoot in relatively high definition, it’s now easier than ever to use what you have. I just used my iPhone to record videos, then added a lapel mic and lights.

“The best gear you can use is the one you already have,” said Lyqa Maravilla of Team Lyqa. “The point is, you have the ability to create great content just because you’re able to consume content right now. We all have a smartphone, and that means you have the power in your hands to be a content creator.”

It’s not the moment that counts, it’s the movement.

Once a creator starts a channel and sets up their first videos, it can be difficult to move on and figure out what else they want to show the world.

Viewer feedback and appreciation of the videos motivate me to create more content. The discovery of YouTube shorts has made it easier to release new content. One could consider this video format when you are starting out with your channel.

Authenticity creates opportunities

It is also this authenticity in its content that could create monetization opportunities, which is a major goal for many YouTube creators.

For small creators, there’s no need to deliberately curate content posts and releases just to attract brands into a partnership, say Vern and Verniece Enciso, who have successfully transitioned from well-known bloggers to popular vloggers on YouTube.

The life-changing power of self-promotion

Google’s global #IAmRemarkable initiative empowers everyone, especially underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond.

“A great way for experienced YouTube creators to practice supporting up-and-coming creators is to mention them in your vlog, attribute their content, and encourage them with your own stories about how you got started and your struggles. This would help create the culture of repeating his stories and magnifying them through your follower network,” explained Miami Cabansay, Google’s Global Content Manager for Pixel and #IamRemarkable Champion.

To watch the full replay of the Digiskarteng Pinay Online Training Workshop for Creators, just visit the Google Philippines YouTube Channel.