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Discord’s New Premium Subscriptions Give Content Creators VIP Features

Discord is inviting a group of creators from various fields to a new beta for premium subscriptions, the company said on Tuesday. This follows a series of new features introduced to help build on Discord as a social space, including the addition of discussion threads and community steps.

While Discord Nitro is a personal subscription, Discord premium subscriptions are a program run by creators behind a Discord. For a certain level of compensation set by the creator, users can unlock channels, chats, voice calls, or other additional features on the server. It’s already possible through sites like Patreon, but premium memberships put it under the Discord umbrella, which is handy. This feature could be useful for creators who use Discord as their main base. Some streamers have started using Discord as a small, organized community instead of maintaining a stream accessible to the public.

“Discord is a place where everyone can find their own place, and we believe that Premium memberships will help communities build that long-term membership in the long term,” the company said in its announcement.

Image: Discord

Discord says it may make changes to premium subscriptions based on feedback gathered throughout the beta.

Creators who have been invited to test the feature will receive tracking information over the next few weeks. Discord does not have a date for the feature to be released to the public; he plans to post “more information on when and how we can extend the feature to more communities on Discord” next year.