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Disney content creators we love on TikTok

Admit it, you spend a lot more time on TikTok than you’d like to admit. From fun pet videos and dance trends to recipes and races, there are countless rabbit holes to fall on TikTok. When it comes to social media, I love finding ways to enjoy it through a Mickey-shaped lens.

It’s no surprise that as a Disney nerd, my feed is filled with Disney content. From restaurant reviews and park tips to Disney outfit checks to ShopDisney merchandise: I get my Disney fix every time I scroll through TikTok. Today I’m counting down my favorite Disney TikTok content creators. If you’re looking for fashion, resort videos, nostalgia, or news, we’ve got some account recommendations for you. Here are some Disney content creators on TikTok that we love!


Credit: @thedisneykiki

Follow if: you want a variety of Disney content

From shopping and trip planning to Disney decorating and outfit checks for Disney Parks, @thedisneykiki is on it. Watching @thedisneykiki’s videos is fun because she takes her followers to the park with her and makes you feel the Disney magic even when you’re not on vacation.

Posting throughout the day to show off the attractions she visits, the restaurants she dines at, and the merchandise she buys makes me feel included as a follower and never fails to motivate me for my next vacation to Disney. Her sense of humor is awesome and she never fails to jump on TikTok trends if she can give them a Disney twist.



Credit: @bethanyvinton

Follow If: You’re Craving All The Food Content From Disney

Following @bethanyvinton isn’t even a choice if you’re a Disney foodie (and we know you are). She takes her followers on TikTok food tours of Disneyland Resort and Disney World. A Disney foodie with an affinity for spring rolls, she does an excellent job providing juicy reviews and food details at table-service restaurants, food carts and beyond.

In fact, my intense desire to visit the terrace of Topolino – Saveurs de la Riviera at Riviera Resort and snack on a Croque Glace at EPCOT blossomed from @bethanyvinton’s TikTok. She makes food tours at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort interesting and continues the magic at home.

When she’s not at the parks, Bethany makes Disney-inspired cocktails at home or whips up recipes from a Disney cookbook. My favorite TikTok Disney foodie is hands down @bethanyvinton.



Credit: @lubsofficial, @90sdisneytiktok

Follow if: you are a nostalgic sap who loves the 90s!

If you’ve read this, you know I’m super nostalgic and love anything Disney in the 90s. After all, we’re talking about a special decade, the Disney Renaissance! Fortunately, I can enjoy a blast from the past, thanks to @90sdisneytiktok. This account specializes in 90s Disney throwbacks.

From a look at The Hunchback of Notre Dame: A Musical Adventure that took place in Hollywood Studios from 1996-2002, to glimpses of the 25th Anniversary Castle in all its glory, this tale is brilliant.

There’s nothing quite like seeing vintage images of a place you love. Bonus points if you visited Walt Disney World in the 90s and can use those videos to kickstart memories. If you remember Doug Live! from Disney, miss SpectroMagic or want to reminisce about the parade of Hercules that graced the streets of Hollywood studios, this account is for you.

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Credit: @disneyparks

Follow if: you want to stay up to date on official Disney news

For Disney fans on TikTok, this follow is a no-brainer, you need to stay in the loop with @disneyparks. The official Disney Parks TikTok, this account features park food, attractions, events, and updates.

I love that this account has a food sale, seasonal posts, park updates, attraction previews, and inside looks at the magic that guests wouldn’t normally have access to. The @disneyparks account balances Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World content, so you’re sure to see videos that interest you, whichever park you prefer.



Credit: @jesusanddisney

Follow if: you miss Walt Disney World

This account immediately made me hit the follow button when I saw the familiar views of Park that resonated and made me smile. Mostly green screen videos of Disney park details, accompanied by park music @jesusanddisney shares moments at the parks we all know.

Videos of the final countdown to Rockin’ Rollercoaster loading in Hollywood Studios or the vibe as you wait for a plate of Mickey Waffles in Pop Century Resort’s Everything POP in the morning are some of the videos on this account. This account offers familiar snippets of moments we all love on Disney vacations and brings back fond vacation memories.

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Credit: disneyaesthetic_1

Follow if: you want to really feel there

Some days you just need a mental break, and it helps to imagine your happy place – The most magical place on Earth. This account specializes in short snippets of content that temporarily transport you to Walt Disney World. The video shots of the parks at Christmas, the video point of view of the rides and the shots of the seaside resorts are some of our favorites from this account.

As an individual who enjoys touring the resort, dining around Walt Disney, and just enjoying the general happy vibe of Walt Disney World, this account is ideal. Some days I crave the sunny, breezy mental vacation that comes from a stroll around the Disney boardwalk. @disneyaesthetic_1 delivers by giving Disney fans a curated look at their home away from home.

Which Disney-themed TikTok accounts do you like to follow?