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Disney Parks are hiring RN content creators and you can get paid to make TikTok videos

Job alert for all Disney fans: The parks are hiring, and they want to pay you to make TikToks.

Yes, you read absolutely correctly. The Disney Parks TikTok account posted an exciting video about all the roles they are hiring for, and they are looking for content creators.

The TikTok job posting was posted on January 3 and outlined all of the requirements needed to score the job, and yes, one of them is that you have to love anything Disney.


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“We are looking for a new content creator to join us and here are some of the many hats you may have to wear in this role,” a team member announced in the video.

To be part of the team, you must be the following: a foodie, a risk taker, a creative storyteller “and have a goofy attitude”.

It’s clumsy as silly, but acting like Goofy could also do the trick.

According to the job listing, the official job title is Social Media Content Coordinator and will be based in Anaheim, CA.

The work is categorized as a ‘casual agency’ role and will span 12 months with approximately 29 hours of work per week, the timings of which may vary.

In this role, the person taking on the role will be “responsible for developing and influencing social media strategies and tactics that expand [the Disney Parks, Experiences and Products] presence on social networks. »

The ideal candidate has relevant experience in social media and/or digital marketing, as well as skills in video editing, visual storytelling, photography, animation and graphic design.

Additionally, Disney wants someone with a deep understanding of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

There is no deadline to apply, but you might want to grab the opportunity quickly because dream jobs like this don’t come around very often.