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Edenloop launches an NFT search engine

NEW YORK, NY, July 29 10, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Justin Hur, CEO of Edenloop, the Canada-based NFT Marketplace, announces that they will launch a blockchain-based “Block Loop” and conduct full-fledged business as a Site. NFT portal.

Edenloop is an NFT exchange that embodies the true decentralization of the web for the personalization of information and contributes to the protection of the rights and interests of digital artists as well as the copyright of their creations.

In particular, it is an ERC-20 NFT representative exchange in Korea characterized by enhanced security through extensive 2D and 3D IP security technologies.

Edenloop’s new Web 3.0 based “Blockloop” works similarly to Google Web Crawling technology and acts as a true decentralized search engine by verifying centralized transactions of giant NFT marketplaces through blockchain technology that can search and exchange NFTs issued by foundations around the world. .

The working principle of the Blockloop technology is that by crawling (importing) the NFT metadata into the blockchain, the NFT information of the marketplaces randomly searched by Loop Tag is purified via an algorithm of the Edenloop platform, the values Duplicate transactions are then classified, and similar classifications are stored in each database.

Snippet is a technology that provides various data such as token ID, contact address, and contact type of NFT that matches search intent in an aligned loop tag, and can also be exchanged.

It not only minimizes the time to find information on portal sites, but also provides keyword search ranking services first to improve and maintain the quality of platform optimized traffic through technology SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Based on this, it is planned to protect intellectual property (IP) rights through Edenloop platform security system and provide users with high scalability and opportunities through conjunction with real economy and various metaverse services.

Since the Edenloop platform protects intellectual property rights (IPRs) by interoperating NFTs and creatives, the platform is unique in providing security and revenue generation opportunities itself to enable services preferential to users in order to guarantee diversity.

Through Blockloop, NFT is searched for all channels and only stable transaction fees are required in transactions, which has the advantage of reducing transaction fees as a commercial user, which is a great advantage to receive transaction rewards with the Edenloop ELT or EELT token.

Edenloop CEO Justin Hur said, “We understood that a fast, comprehensive, and far-reaching search engine was needed to maximize NFT value. At present, this is being discussed with many domestic and foreign search engine engineers. the block loop search engine redesign will bring many changes to the market.” He added, “As a platform that combines NFT marketplaces and search engines, we will be moving to an NFT portal site world on a large scale, and in the near future there will be a big step towards the main stock market.

Meanwhile, Edenloop, with a base of technology and patents, and as a company with extensive know-how and databases through business operations for 10 years with a total of 1,260 companies including Samsung, LGU+ and SKT, the new Blockloop technology is led by general developer Daum Kakao, Korea’s second-largest portal site, and is expected to be launched by leading mobile market developers Samsung.

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