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Elementor update solves major headache for web developers

The open source website building platform Elementor has released a new update with a host of handy features.

The company has spent months fixing the issues, but Elementor 3.4 is now here, bringing with it custom breakpoints to help web developers target specific types of devices more effectively.

The new version offers custom breakpoints for a total of seven devices, including desktop, tablet and extra tablet, extra mobile and mobile, laptop and widescreen.

Website builder redesign

Elementor released several new versions this year, which come with a range of performance upgrades, such as improved asset loading and accessibility, smaller asset files, a conditional load lightbox, and items. Reduced additional overseas departments.

The company also updated its conditional asset loader and row load style, and increased the speed of its page loader feature by reducing the amount of unused JS and CSS generated.

In July 2021, Elementor 3.3 was announced, which included the tools needed to maximize the building blocks of other projects built on WordPress with the company.

“Elementor is committed to providing the best platform to meet the needs of our users,” said Eran Alon, vice president of product marketing at Elementor. “As part of these efforts, performance improvement continues to be at the heart of each release and we are excited to share more with our community. “

According to the company, the latest version will offer Elementor customers reduced JS asset file sizes by removing support for older browsers with less code loaded – up to 110KB less with each page load.

It also promises an improved Font Awesome SVG icon mechanism along with up to six additional custom breakpoints.

Essentially, this means that website builders will have the ability to fully control their website design for a huge range of devices.