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Facebook’s New Feature Could Help Content Creators Make Money, Here’s How

Meta introduced a new feature for Facebook User Profiles that makes it easier for content creators to earn money through their posts on the social media platform. The new feature is called Professional Mode, which is expected to be available to US users first, but the tech giant plans to expand it to other countries in the coming months. The company also confirmed access to more revenue options and platform tools.

Content creators who decide to use the professional mode with their Facebook profiles will discover other ways to make money on the social networking platform as well as additional information that was previously only available with the Facebook pages.

One of the main benefits of Facebook’s new business mode is the ability to participate in a new Reel’s Pay bonus program where top content creators can earn up to $ 35,000 (around Rs 26,44,000) per month depending on views on their short videos. Notably, this program is currently by invitation only and Meta will make the final decision on which creators will be eligible to earn these bonuses. Although interested creators can register through the Meta for creators website to learn more about this program.

What is professional mode?

Meta stressed that it will make professional level information available to creators who decide to update their Facebook profiles. But he didn’t provide solid details on other pro-mode earning methods in the company’s blog, which advertised the same.

This information is similar to what page owners can already access and add detailed information about a creator’s posts, profile, and even audience. For example, creators will be able to monitor the total number of shares, comments and reactions on their posts as well as the growth of their followers over time. With this information in hand, creators will be able to improve their content for both their subscribers and the social media platform itself.

If the content creator chooses to upgrade their existing Facebook to professional mode, they will immediately become a public figure on the social network. This will allow anyone to follow them and watch the public content that will be posted to their feed. The option to mark posts as public or for friends only will still be available on the public profile, just like the private profile.

Meanwhile, content creators who use Facebook Pages will be able to access the latest Facebook Pages experience which will include a professional dashboard. The company is also developing a two-step composer for the pages that will help creators group postings and even schedule posts. We hope to hear more from Meta about this new professional mode for Facebook profiles once this new experience begins rolling out to content creators in other countries.