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Good news for content creators on Youtube

To compete with TikTok videos, YouTube is making it easier to format and convert longer videos from creators into shorts. The platform has produced formatting videos in its iOS and Android incredibly simple applications by including the “Edit into Short” tool.

Creators can select up to 60 seconds of video to edit and embed into a Shorts clip right on the app. They can even add additional text, filters, and videos from the camera or library.

The original long video will be linked to the short clip by YouTube as a promotional tool for the creators. As YouTube delves deeper into monetizing content on its platform, this is a crucial motivating factor. Even a fund has been created to compensate creators for uploading short films.

The new tool, which only appears in the Create menu of videos you’ve uploaded, can’t be used on other users’ uploads. According to YouTube, approximately 1.5 billion people watch abridged content on YouTube.

While the video-sharing site doesn’t do away with conventional long videos entirely, it encourages creators to turn their old and new videos into short ones.

Previously: YouTube Holds First Creators Roundtable with Pakistani Content Creators

YouTube hosted a virtual roundtable of Pakistani creators

Marking a historic first, the popular video streaming platform, YouTube, hosted a virtual panel discussion of Pakistani creators.

The event brought together media personalities and the brains behind Pakistan’s four renowned YouTube channels; Ducky Bhai, Something Haute, Sistrologie and Street Food PK.

The discussion started with Pakistan Country Manager at Google, Farhan S Qureshi, sharing valuable insights with content creators and the media.

“More than 55% of the viewership of Pakistani YouTube channels comes from outside the country.

The number indicates that the content created by Pakistani YouTubers is very popular around the world,” Farhan S Qureshi.

He also shared that an overall growth of 35% has been recorded on a yearly basis as more than 300 channels now have over one million subscribers.

More than 4,500 YouTube channels now have more than 100,000 subscribers, registering a growth rate of 45 percent, he added.

Qureshi also revealed that popular Pakistani YouTube channels are now earning more than one million rupees per year, recording a growth rate of over 140% year-on-year.

He said YouTube encourages its content creators to become financially stable.

During the roundtable, the content creators also shared stories from their YouTube journey on how they started it, how they managed to build a community, how it changed their life and where they are. today.

Saad Ur Rehman, popularly known as “Ducky Bhai”, recalled that he started his YouTube channel five years ago. “I used to make video tutorials about games and technology. Also, I used to ask shopkeepers and friends to lend me their gadgets so I could record videos on them. Also, I learned how to edit , I created ‘Ducky Bhai’ and things changed. It became podcasts, vlogs and ‘Ducky Extra’,” he said.

Dr. Iqra Kanwal, owner of the popular YouTube channel Sistrology, shared a similar story.

According to her, the channel had initially grown slowly until it transitioned into vlogging. “Things have changed for good now,” she added.

Aamna Haider Isani of Something Haute, who quit her job to focus more on creating content on YouTube, shared that despite her lack of tech savvy, her channel garnered a good following, encouraging her to post more videos.

Reflecting on how she managed to create a community, she said she was absolutely overwhelmed when over 50 people showed up to meet her at a dating session in DC, USA.

Zia Tabaruk, the man behind Street Food PK, has also quit his professional job despite his family’s reservations and moved to YouTube.

Not only has the decision paid off for him financially, Tabaruk can now be as creative as he wants with his videos.

The fact that people are now turning to YouTube to make money reflects a change in the mindset of the general public.

It is no surprise that the video streaming platform has managed to grab the attention of the masses who are now looking to build their own community on the platform.

The creators were of the view that there is still a lot of potential and space in the Pakistani market for new YouTubers who can create content and earn a living.

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