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Google Lens icon spotted on desktop search engine homepage may launch soon

Google Lens is a sophisticated image recognition tool developed by technology giant Google. It helps users dig out more information about a particular image by identifying different elements including text, 3D elements and more. With Google Lens, users can translate text, extract phone numbers, search for products and articles online, or even solve math equations. That being said, the Google Lens app is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, the tool is not available on desktop computers so far.

According to a report by 9To5Google, Google Lens icon was recently spotted on Google homepage i.e. while browsing internet on Google Chrome for desktop. The lens icon appeared next to the microphone icon that usually appears in the search dialog for voice inputs when using incognito mode. The report also mentioned that the Google Lens logo was similar to the logo that appears on Google Lens for Android devices.

Image: 9To5Google

Google Lens logo appears on desktop, may launch soon

Tapping on the Google Lens logo brought up a box with the message “Find any image with Google Lens”. In addition. the box asks users to search for an image with Google Lens or drag an image and drop it into the box. Notably, performing an image-based search using the Google Lens icon brings up results the same way the “Find an image with Google Lens” function normally works on desktop computers.

While Google Lens for desktop may soon be integrated with Google Search, the ability to search for other images, as mentioned above, was added to the Google web browser with the Chrome 92 update. The Google Lens icon may have been spotted in Google’s testing. As the feature rolls out to more users, it will be a consistent experience for users across all platforms, including Windows and macOS.

More recently, Google fixed an issue where Pixel and OnePlus devices were having a problem scanning embedded URLs into QR codes. According to a recent report from 9To5Google, Google has rolled out a server-side update to address the issue with Google Lens. For Google Camera, the company has rolled out an update available for download on the Google Play Store and fixes incorrect reading of QR codes.