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Google May Change Search Engine Outlook with Changes in Featured Articles, Suggested Videos, and Image Extension Views / Digital Information World

Google is one of the world’s leading search engines and has always provided great functionality. This time around, the tech giant has introduced some massive but important visual changes to its search engine that we’re sure will not only change the outlook for primary search, but also make it relatively easier to use.

To start, Google is changing the look of the way it displays its best stories. Previously, the best stories were presented in lost or carousel form, but after the new update they will now be presented as grids. Minor and less relevant stories will be displayed in a smaller grid in a 2X2 frame, while news or trending stories will be displayed in larger grids or maps. International news will be presented with seven stories together, while new techniques will be limited to four stories in a grid simultaneously.

Arranging top stories as a grid will put them together in order of what’s most relevant or what’s trending in each category. The arrangement and categorization will be done by machine technology, which will organize the stories according to the hottest topics online.

Next, Google changes the way it presents the suggested video on the search screen. Currently, the tech giant is showing the suggested video in a large size, with related text written below, however, according to the new test, the new layout will have a smaller-sized video at the top, followed by the text. written on the right side of the screen.

However, this feature is in its test version and has yet to be confirmed by the tech giant. So chances are it will never appear on your search engine screens.

Finally, the tech company has some good news for online advertisers. The tech giant will soon launch image extensions for desktop versions for all developers. This feature was previously only available for mobile versions, so if a developer is already using image extensions on mobiles, ads will soon automatically start seeing extensions on desktop versions, once the feature is rolled out.

Google has always introduced cool features for its users. Even though they were minors, they had a valuable result. Therefore, we are sure that these three new features once and if released will instantly be a huge hit with the public. The tech giant is full of surprises and we’re sure we’ll see some great features in the near future as well.

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