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How a Top OnlyFans Model Became a Coach for Adult Content Creators

  • Adult content creator Karley Stokes is among OnlyFans richest 0.01%.
  • Last year, she started Karley’s Coaching to help other creators grow their businesses.
  • Paid coaching includes access to a Telegram chat from over 150 creators.

When OnlyFans announced earlier this year that it would restrict pornography on its platform, more than 50 of OnlyFans’ top creators were in a rush.


to call.

They immediately started discussing other platforms and the benefits of each, as well as strategizing on how to deal with fans. By the time the platform reversed its decision a few days later, the models had a number of backup plans in place.

The woman behind the group, Karley Stokes, wasn’t surprised at how quickly the creators came together. Stokes is an OnlyFans Coach who started Karley’s Coaching, a paid class and OnlyFans designer community.

“Group chat is where we go whenever news comes in,” Stokes told Insider. “Whenever there is a change in policy or modification of terms and conditions and services. “

While OnlyFans continues to be a place where certain creators can build lucrative careers – the company said creators have racked up more than $ 5 billion on the platform since its launch in 2016 – many are still feeling frustration. anxiety about sudden changes in terms of use, a perceived lack of support from the platform itself, and changing rules for payment processors.

To manage these concerns, an informal infrastructure has developed around the platform. This includes communities, management companies, marketing experts and coaches like Stokes.

Stokes started working in adult content in 2015 and joined OnlyFans in May 2019. At the end of 2020, she was in the 0.01% of creators by monthly revenue, according to OnlyFans. As she reached the top, she often found new creators approaching her, asking her questions about how often to post, the best ways to market, and what kind of messages to send. Stokes realized there was a need for formal coaching and community.

She launched Karley’s Coaching in October 2020. So far, 155 people have signed up for the course, which initially cost $ 2,000, but was reduced to $ 999 in August when OnlyFans announced its planned ban on porn. She said she accepts a variety of payment methods including Venmo, Zelle and

Apple Pay


The course includes a PDF in which Stokes details the ins and outs of how she manages her page, as well as periodic advice on how to run certain promotions or manage updates, and access a group. Telegram where creators can ask for tips or advice, network and share stories.

“Networking can be your biggest key to success,” Stokes said, adding that his other top tips for creators include posting messages consistently and regularly.

from chat msg 1

Courtesy of Karley Stokes

DE chat msg 2

Courtesy of Karley Stokes

Justine Jakobs, an OnlyFans creator and group member, said the networking was the biggest benefit.

“The girls will help each other,” she told the group’s Insider. “[Karley] is there every day. “

While anyone can sign up for the course and join the chat, Stokes said it’s primarily for creators who have a basic understanding of OnlyFans but want to take their pages to the next level.

That said, bad actors are not tolerated, she said. Stokes had to remove the creators of the chat, including the one who shared information meant to be kept within the group.

“The coaches chat needs to be a safe place where they can talk about what’s going on without being afraid of being revealed to anyone,” Stokes said.

But she said the success stories she hears – of creators closing their homes, growing their business, or gaining large audiences – outnumber bad actors.

“Stories like this keep me going as a coach,” Stokes said.