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How content creators and influencers power the gaming and esports industry

“Entertainment” is definitely the main reason for the massive popularity of gaming content creators or influencers. There is a huge fanbase that follows them religiously for their tips and tricks, to improve their game, but most importantly, they are a great source of entertainment.

As we are increasingly drawn to the power of gaming/esports, it is hard to ignore the significant contribution made by young esports influencers, who tirelessly continue to add value to this emerging sector.

Game content creators are young, but professional. They are sincere and passionate about their work and always seek to improve their skills. They are the ones who, through their fiery energy and engaging content, have managed to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of esports games by the general public.

The creators are on a constant quest to deliver consistent performance and smartly engage with its diverse followers. They would spend hours understanding the trends, analyzing their audience’s expectations, their mood during the live sessions and also trying to find the unique ways to keep them interested in themselves.

Also, they have to be very careful about what they show and how they present themselves, as their viewership includes subscribers as young as 10 to 50 years old. The constant research work and zeal to curate original content helps them to continue to pique viewers’ interest in them. Thus, making gaming content creators and influencers the perfect segment to promote any gaming product or tech product through their channel.

In recent years, brands have started to show their trust in these creators who are successful in influencing the public towards their products and are able to establish a deep sense of connection and trust towards them.

Industry-specific brands like MSI, ASUS, HyperX, Logitech, have always partnered with gaming influencers for their product promotions. But surprisingly, it is not only the mainstream brands that are approaching to support these gaming influencers, but slowly many non-endemic brands are also inducing in the esports ecosystem.

The popularity of these creators has also led to a major expansion in the growth of the gaming industry and spawned live video game streaming platforms including Youtube, Facebook Gaming (which has committed $2 billion to support content creators), Loco, Rooter, Turnip, Twitch, etc. The esports and gaming industry is growing and these streamers/influencers have become one of the essential pillars.

This enhances investment in esports which attracts many new creators and gamers are also attracted to content creation which further elevates the world of influencers.

Several new creators join the army of influencers who are not shy about experimenting and are not afraid to take on new challenges and this is inspiring for the world of creators.

With language being the key to connecting with their audience, there are a number of local language gaming influencers who are experts in creating great content as they have a strong hold on their own language.

This power has led them to gain popularity in a defined geographic segment, creating their signature style for which they are now recognized. When Tier II or Tier III segments are touch-based, esports are able to enter new markets and influence more people towards themselves.

It is proven that Hindi and Telugu are the two most popular languages ​​among the public.

Not everyone always has to want to play the game, many of their viewers instead like to watch someone else play, share their excitement, reaction, and get excited with new energy for the next game. Through these creators they can connect and can even feel the virtual loss or have the sense of accomplishment while just watching it.

Even in the time of COVID-19, content from these creators proved to be a great motivator as it offered viewers a virtual escape from reality, offering them temporary relief, entertainment and comfort while we continued to maintain social distancing.

“Content is King” – we see creators streaming live for their fans for their creativity and gameplay skills. What started as a hobby/interest has now turned passion into a profession. With their creativity, this new breed of influencers are able to cash in on their talent and it’s on its way to fame.

Edited by Affirunisa Kankudti

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