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How did TikTok overtake Google as a new search engine?

Google dominates the search engine industry, processing an incredible number two trillion searches per year. It’s no wonder, then, that it has been the most visited website in the world for most of the past 15 years.

But here’s something you might be surprised to learn: TikTok recently surpassed Google as the most popular website on the planet.

According to a investigation, popular short-video sharing app TikTok eclipsed IT giant Google as the most popular website of the year. Besides being named the most popular domain by Cloudflare, TikTok has also overtaken Facebook as the most popular social media website.

The social network, owned by the Chinese company Bytedance, already has more than a billion active users worldwide, and this number is constantly growing.

Gone are the days when Google was the go-to source for finding information. Instead, Google has been the industry standard for many years, and for good reason. The industry-leading search engine has radically revolutionized the way we search for information, and millions of people regularly use its tools and services. Moreover, they are well known for having a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly find what you are looking for. However, the tide started to turn when TikTok entered the market.

This should come as no surprise, given that TikTok is the fastest growing social media network with the most global downloads and has garnered one billion active users in just 4.9 years. By comparison, Facebook, often considered the king of social media, took 8.7 years to reach one billion users. Only Facebook Messenger, and still narrowly, has gained a billion users in 4.9 years.

Despite the privacy issues, which have been and continue to be addressed, the success of TikTok highlights the growth of the technology, but more importantly, how habits of information acquisition and consumption on the world have changed.

Teens choose TikTok over Instagram or Snapchat. Despite this, TikTok is not just videos of memes or young people dancing, as many assumed. Instead, how-to videos, recipes, and beauty tips are among the most popular types of content, mirroring what Google, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram offer.

Moreover, it implies that TikTok is used for learning rather than for fun. On the contrary, TikTok can be used for educational purposes. Many teachers have started using TikTok to simplify their school lessons. This allows students to study subjects they may have missed in class or if they need a refresher in science, English, arithmetic or even physical education.

Teachers have been forced to focus on presenting their key points in the past, as the site initially only allowed 60 seconds for each video. However, TikTok now has launched a 3-minute video capacity for creators. As a result, teachers can add even more content to their digital micro-lessons.

Some companies have started using the app for onboarding services or even to make key company announcements. TikTok for Business is also becoming more popular as more organizations recognize the value that can be delivered through the app.

Although the information provided on TikTok is not necessarily reliable, it has been reported that the network has allowed users to search for things like restaurant recommendations, vacation spots and packing instructions before a flight.

TikTok, like YouTube, has provided a platform for scholars of various professions to impart knowledge that was previously restricted or difficult to access. Academics, healthcare workers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and others are among these professionals.

Changes in user behavior and search ability, among others

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Older groups also prefer to learn something new through audio-visual media rather than reading an article or a book. Additionally, viewers increasingly have shorter attention spans and expect concise and informative content. For example, if a user is looking for a video on how to change a car tire, it’s reasonable to expect that they’d prefer a one-minute clip outlining the basics rather than a more in-depth explainer on YouTube. .

TikTok search features have also evolved over time. Predictive text, for example, which features popular searches, has reduced the need for users to venture off-platform. A simple search for a nearby restaurant might present them with clips for ten additional restaurants in the same area.

So, should you create a TikTok SEO strategy? It might sound strange, but the stats don’t lie, and the results here indicate that product discovery is increasing in the app, which is currently the fastest growing social platform in the world. This could open up huge opportunities – and maybe now is the time to step in and establish a presence before everyone tries to optimize TikTok search.

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