Web developers

How to find good web developers?

Imagine a situation in which you have decided to implement a project related to information technology and you need good developers. At this stage, the process stops, because few people know where to find good, trusted specialists who will help with the implementation of the desired project. So keep reading this article to learn how to find good web developers for your draft.

Who can be hired?

To implement an IT-related project, you can contact independent platform specialists or find a professional team with a good reputation, such as a custom web application development company.


As a rule, these are specialists who work for themselves. It can be one person or a team and a small number of members. The main advantage of freelancers is their price. As a general rule, hiring freelancers is cheaper than a company, since the former work for themselves. Accordingly, for this reason, the price will be lower.

If we talk about the disadvantages, the main disadvantage is that you can get caught by unreliable people. Of course, there is such luck when working with professional development teams, but freelancers work for themselves and don’t care so much about their reputation. Therefore, there is always a chance of getting a poor quality project that will not be completed on time.

Professional team

Although the price of a professional team is likely to be higher than that of freelancers, here you are less likely to get a shoddy project. Indeed, companies care about their reputation and treat projects with special responsibility.

It all depends on your budget and the specifics of the project.

What to look for when looking for a specialist?

Finding a good programmer is certainly not an easy task. This is a rapidly changing field where developers have to keep up with new trends and insights, so research becomes more difficult.

Consider the basic rules you need to follow when looking for specialists for web development.

Take a look at their programmer portfolio

Every programmer, no matter how long they’ve been programming, has a portfolio. A portfolio is one of the best tools to test the knowledge of a web developer because it is a good way to get to know a candidate and allow him to present his projects.

When obtaining examples of his work, it is important to look not only for quality but also for style. Each developer, like an artist or other specialist, has his own style. Therefore, look at the work and come to a conclusion, this is the style and direction you want to get the project in or not.

Verify your GitHub account

GitHub is a platform where many web developers showcase their open source work and also collaborate with other developers.

What’s special is that the platform uses easy-to-read programming code that anyone can add. Thus, it helps to have a good idea of ​​how a developer works and if they can work with other developers.

Useful resources

Stack Overflow is a website designed by and for developers. Its main function is to create a community that helps solve communication problems of different languages.

It is a website where you can get a lot of knowledge and almost all web developers use it daily, so it is a very good tool to measure candidate profiles.

Programming test

Programming tests are the best way to be 100% sure that a candidate is suitable for the position they are going to occupy. It’s a way to see the candidate in action, to see how they deal with real, practical issues.

Therefore, when choosing a candidate, take into account all the above points so as not to make a mistake and take a proven specialist.