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Want your Twitch stream to sound business? Your podcast to please the ears? Your YouTube videos to vibrate? Sounds like you need to get some Yamaha gear.

Musicians and sound engineers have long valued Yamaha audio kit and musical instruments for their impeccable quality, precision and craftsmanship – and these assets work just as well for anyone looking to give to their endeavors. creators the best possible audio accompaniment.

Game streamers, for example, should head to the Yamaha ZG01 bundle for instant sound amplification. This comprehensive bundle includes the ZG01 mixer and YH-G01 headphones – everything you need to start a truly professional sound setup for your stream.

Legs for effect

The Yamaha ZG01 has physical controls that make it easy to adjust game audio, your own voice, and any voice chat. It also has buttons for quick access to DSP effects, including ZG Surround, a 3D surround sound effect that your audience can enjoy with stereo headphones. With two HDMI ports, one output supporting video passthrough, the ZG01 also functions as an HDMI switcher.

Speaking of headphones, the Yamaha YH-G01 which makes up the other half of the ZG01 bundle is designed for long streaming sessions. Lightweight and comfortable, its studio-grade condenser mic captures your voice with crisp precision without ambient noise.

Speakers Corner

If you’re a musician, podcaster, or YouTuber with an eye (or ear) for optimal audio quality, Yamaha’s HS-series studio monitors are the perfect way to test how your content sounds in the real world. . The HS5, HS7 and HS8 are all powered two-way speakers with premium XLR and TRS inputs and an emphasis on precision and accuracy: ideal for mixing and mastering your audio to professional quality levels.

Put it in the blender

If you want to take things even higher, check out Yamaha’s AG03MK2 and AG06MK2 compact mixers. Handling three and six channels respectively, the flexible connectivity and razor-sharp controls of these desktop mixers let you perfect your audio from a range of sources on the fly and add an extra layer of professionalism with effects. Latency-free DSP and processing that can be applied with the tap of a button.

So you don’t have to be a musician to benefit from Yamaha’s decades of musical expertise. The company’s equipment is just as suitable for your game room as it is for the recording studio or live stage. Play on!

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