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Inven Global Smash Awards: Best Ultimate Content Creators of 2021 (Nominated)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has had a very wild 2021 full of ups and downs, drama and wholesomeness. 2021 also marked the year the Ultimate roster was finally complete. It’s been an emotional year for Smash players who finally saw the latest DLC fighter, Sora, and heard of Sakurai finally hoping to rest with his cat. The final fighter balance has also dropped, meaning Ultimate is finally over. That’s it.

But the Inven Global Smash Awards are not limited to the game and its professional scene. It’s about the community. Without Nintendo’s support, Ultimate was kept alive by a passionate community that spent 2021 hosting intense tournaments for top players and sharing creative content.

So let’s celebrate the Super Smash Bros. community in style. Ultimate. Our panel of Ultimate experts, journalists and pros have compiled a list of the most significant moments and people from the Smash scene. And now the community has the opportunity to vote for their favorite players, commentators, matches and events.

So let’s take a look back at the content that defined Ultimate in 2021.


Youtube: 60K

Tic: 33.1K

Chris “WaDi” Boston is an Ultimate pro player for Panda Global, ranked in the top 20 in the world. Despite being known as the best ROB and Mewtwo player, WaDi is best known for his positivity and community-focused mindset – and it shows in his content.

Whether it’s streaming or downloading a YouTube video, you can expect WaDi’s content to be all about fun. You can see him take on a variety of silly challenges (like playing “weird” characters until he loses) or learning to master new characters on Smash’s giant roster. Through it all, you’ll hear WaDi crack jokes, laugh out loud, and provide interesting insight into all your favorite characters and tournaments.

hunger box

Youtube: 477K

Tic: 382K

Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma is one of the best melee players in the world and still holds the title of “Melee God”. But that hasn’t stopped him from focusing his YouTube channel almost solely on Super Smash Bros. content. Ultimate. And while some Smash fans may give it a hard time for its crazy thumbnails or pop-offs, there’s no denying that Hungrybox has a passion for the Smash scene. He recently announced a series of tournaments with prizes of $2,000 each week for the whole of 2022.

Hungrybox isn’t afraid to speak out on stream or in its YouTube videos, including its emotional pop-off after defeating iBDW in the Ludwig Tournament. But while its melee journey can be serious, Hungrybox still devotes much of its free time to creating Ultimate hype content, usually surrounding the most surprising and hilarious moments of its online gameplay. There’s a reason Hungrybox was recently announced as Team Liquid’s most-watched player – seeing a talented Ultimate player go hyped is always a good time.


Youtube: 332K

Tic: 577K

Video Game Boot Camp is where you’ll find matches from nearly every Super Smash Bros. tournament. Ultimate. On Twitch, you can watch pretty much any Smash tournament you want, as they are the main broadcaster for the game.

VGBootCamp was founded in 2008 by GimR and Aposl back when Smash didn’t have such a big competitive scene. VGBootCamp is part of the reason Smash esports has grown to such an extent, supporting Ultimate every step of the way. While being able to watch any match you want on YouTube is already amazing, the passion that VGBootCamp has for Smash and its fans is even more reason to celebrate their relentless dedication to Smash esports.

Little Z

Youtube: 1 million

Little Z is a content creator focused on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Their YouTube channel is full of montages, memes and “incredibly stupid challenges”. This led to bangers like “When I lose, my controller gets worse” and “Smash Bros. but ANYBODY can criticize”. You never get bored watching Little Z videos.

But for Little Z’s ever-growing fanbase, it’s not just about watching entertaining content on Smash. That’s Little Z’s talent as a YouTuber and content creator. His fanbase often notes how fun he is and how hilarious he is throughout his videos. His video editing is still on point and his chemistry with Smash World guests has always impressed viewers. If you’re looking for a more laid-back version of Ultimate, this is the content creator to check out.


Youtube: 58.9K

Tic: 64.3K

When you see this “about me” on Twitch, you know you’re about to have a wild ride: “Expect moderate professionalism with a touch of ignorance and a hint of frequent references from white women as we seek to avoid getting a 9 to 5 job!”

EE is one of Super Smash Bros.’ most well-known commentators. Ultimate, giving him valuable insight into the game itself and access to many players in the community. He’s not afraid to speak his mind and make offensive jokes – nothing is off limits on his channel.

EE has a consistent Twitch schedule and YouTube upload schedule, making it a reliable source of entertainment for Smash fans with an edge. With shocking videos like “Smash Bros. Players Who Can’t Date Your Daughter”, you can definitely expect to be surprisingly entertained if you check out EE’s channel. EE is not afraid of any subject in the Smash community.

The jury of the Inven Global Smash Awards for Ultimate

  • Arbitrator
  • Eric Bartlet
  • Austin Watts
  • Coney
  • ESAM
  • John “Oddball” Popko
  • Michel Lalor
  • Olivia Richman
  • Tim Masters

*Note: No one can vote for themselves in the Inven Global Smash Awards

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