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Is ‘Escaype Live’ the next big thing online? Top Content Creators Drop Hints

Social media can be an unpredictable parallel universe with no single recipe for deciding the fate of the content floating around it. Every dawn rings in a new online trend, and the unpredictability makes things exciting! Virus bombs regularly break the internet, especially when the buzzing influencer community also steps up the game.

We recently spotted some internet sensations and the most followed meme pages making a meal of an online phenomenon called Escaype Live, which has everyone in awe! But what does the full picture look like? And what are social stars alluding to? Let’s find out?

The first to appear on our feed was Saloni Gaur. If you follow this funny on the gram, you necessarily know Amma ji, his grandmother. The duo have always shared us, and this reel is also a riot of laughs! If Ammaji jumps on apps, what will Saloni do?


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Then we saw major viewers Mr. Faisu and Mrs. Urfi Javed sharing similar cryptic Escaype Live videos on their feeds. Both in their usual gung ho element, one getting the iron and the other the adrenaline!

Mr Faisu posted a workout video of himself and captioned it “Motivation ka doosra nam… Escaype Live #escaypelive 🤙🏻”.

From power punches to mush, these social darlings know how to chain us down, but that’s not all. Let’s make way for original drama queen Rakhi Sawant in all her glory, dreads and all!

And just when the influencer community was busy teasing their followers with posts related to Escaype Live, some of the popular meme pages also joined in on the fun.

While Chatur Ramalingam hints that Escaype Live is an online platform, ACP Pradyuman has become Sherlock again!

Can we trust these messages to confirm official information about Escaype Live? We think not, but these drops certainly got us interested, hook, line and sinker we can definitely say! Stay tuned to this space as we dig deeper to get you more details and new developments on Escaype Live!

Disclaimer: The article was produced on behalf of Novi Entertainment by Times Internet’s Spotlight Team.