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Is TikTok set to replace Youtube as the Gen Z search engine?- BILLIONAIRE Singapore

TikTok’s popularity has grown significantly over the past year, with downloads now reaching over 2 billion. But how do users interact with the application?

TikTok isn’t your typical social media platform, it’s an app that changes the videos you see based on how you interact with the content. You’ll usually see videos based on your interests and personalized to your tastes, giving them a personal touch. And since TikTok is full of people, it has a more human quality than some other platforms might have.

It offers increasingly sophisticated search features, including the ability to search by sound, and its recommendation engine is said to be more powerful than YouTube’s. Its power lies not only in its unique functionality, but also in its reach. With 41% of Gen Z owning a smartphone (compared to 25% of Gen Y), this group’s digital lives start at an early age and their digital preference evolves with them.

Google noticed that TikTok was sneaking into its domain. Although Google said young people aren’t using it to replace their search engine, at least one executive pointed to the video app’s search capabilities.

The growth of TikTok as a discovery tool is just part of the larger transformation happening in the world of search. Google remains the world’s most popular search engine, but people are increasingly turning to Amazon to shop for products, Instagram to stay up to date on trends, and Snap Maps to find local businesses. The digital world is constantly growing, with more ways available to find information than ever before.

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