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Is YouTube a social media? What content creators need to know

When you start your YouTube channel, you become a media influencer. This is because YouTube is considered a social media.

I don’t know about you, but I watch hundreds of hours of YouTube a month. I’m always trying to learn how to change the oil in my car or find a new recipe for chocolate chip cookies, and once in a while how to adjust the focus of my camera. I turn to these last questions.

In fact, recently, YouTube has had almost as much traffic as Google when it comes to questions asked by Internet users.

But is YouTube a social media? Does it meet classifications? And does being part of social media give them a stink or unnecessary baggage that detracts from its usefulness?

Today we are going to explore whether or not YouTube is a social media platform. We’ll dive deep into the idea of ​​what social media is, how people use YouTube, and how to promote your channel.

It sounds good ? Let’s dive into it.

Is YouTube a social media?

Before diving into YouTube, I think we should define what it means to be part of social media.

Definition of social media

“Social media” refers to interactive technologies that facilitate the personal creation and sharing of information, ideas and interests through virtual networks.

Is YouTube considered social media?

In a word? Yes.

YouTube pretty much meets the exact definition of what social media is and can be. It’s a wonderful platform where people can post their ideas and discuss topics that matter to them. No film school uses it to teach you about the technology and process of filmmaking.

And we have partners who use it to talk about film theory and even specific diagrams on cameras and screenwriting techniques.

People look down on social media because there’s a connotation that it may be frivolous and pointless, but it’s wrong, and a belief generally held by older generations. YouTube is extremely valuable and our second largest search engine in the world.

Is YouTube a social network?

This is another question that keeps coming up in these kinds of discussions. YouTube’s comments section and the ability to follow, subscribe, and network with other creators make it a social network.

Think about it: if you’re a creator who makes videos, your plan is to attract an audience and communicate ideas to people. This type of connection is a network, where your subscribers can also find similar channels and information.

What is the best social network to promote your YouTube channel?

When it comes to promoting your channel, consider which platforms work best for your videos. We found Twitter and Facebook the best since we can embed the videos to play on the platforms. We also find these work best for sharing and preserving the aspect ratio.

We also love TikTok. You may need to shoot video for this as it is a vertical format. Or you might consider taking snippets of your videos and reposting them on TikTok, where they can go viral in an instant and attract a whole new audience.

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In the end, the best thing to do is to create more YouTube videos and interact with fans. Maybe try working with other creators, that way both channels will be exposed to new audiences. These cross audiences are very valuable.

In summary “is YouTube a social media?

There’s not much debate here. YouTube is absolutely a social media. It is one of the most extensive Internet resources for users to search for anything they need.

What is your opinion on the subject? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.