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Jamstack Conf to Celebrate Web Developers and the Modern Web Ecosystem

SAN FRANCISCO, September 30, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The agenda is now online for Jam stack conf, 6-7 October 2021, a virtual event bringing together tens of thousands of developers and technology leaders who are building the future of the web. The theme for this year is “how it started; how it’s going, ”highlighting how quickly the modern web ecosystem of authoring tools and API services has grown over the past five years. It enabled large-scale and dynamic use cases, such as the Migrating from the Twilio console to the Jamstack presented at the event.

Jamstack Conf is a unique inclusive event, bringing together all the JavaScript framework communities and site builders (11ty, Astro, Gatsby.js, Next.js, Nuxt, React, Redwood, SvelteKit, Vue.js and more), the server emerging serverless database ecosystem (CockroachDB, DataStax, Fauna, Hasura, StepZen, Supabase), headless e-commerce players (BigCommerce, Commerce Layer, Shogun, Shopify, Snipcart) and headless CMS providers (Contentful, GraphCMS, Kentico, Prismic, Sanity.io, Strapi) in one place to learn from each other and collaborate on the future of the web.

“The Jamstack has a thriving and diverse developer community, and it’s so exciting to see the future of the web shaping up because of them,” said Cassidy williams, Director of Developer Experience, Netlify. “Our team put a lot of effort into this year’s virtual event to bring out the humor, fun and personalities that are so vibrant in our community and create an environment to learn and explore (and laugh!) Together. . “

Hosted by Williams, Phil hawksworth, and Jason lengstorf from Netlify, Jamstack Conf will offer 3 tracks and more than 30 conferences and workshops, including opening conversations, updates from framework authors and open source communities, new product launches “lightning”, technical sessions and demos, half-day workshops and an ambitious project to create a dynamic Jamstack app live throughout the day. Highlights of the speakers include:

  • Matt Biilmann, CEO and Co-Founder of Netlify, will kick off the event with guests such as Rich Harris, creator of SvelteKit, an open source front-end compiler, and Evan you, creator of Vue.js.
  • Harrison harnisch from Twilio will share “Inside the Twilio Console: A Large Scale Migration to Jamstack”.
  • Justin Metros and Nicole bender of Universal Standard will present “Jamstack is for e-commerce of all sizes. The plus size clothing company has migrated to Jamstack on Shopify with Nuxt.js and will show how it increased mobile conversion rate by 200% and improved team velocity.
  • Ben holmes de Peloton will present “The 11ty, JAM web and sandwich component: A recipe for making the static interactive.”
  • Aisha Blake and Daniel Kim from New Relic will present “Optimizing Gatsby Build Performance with Observability”.
  • Colby fayock Applitools will dive into “WordPress at the Edge with Next.js and Jamstack”.
  • Moriel Schottlender, Wikimedia Foundation, will discuss “How migrating my tool to Jamstack made me a better open source citizen”.
  • Laurie Voss, Senior Data Analyst, Netlify will present “Jamstack Eats the World” and share the results of the Jamstack Community Survey in its second year.
  • A special edition of “Learn With Jason” will feature Lengstorf creating a live app throughout the day with a series of guests including Kelly vaughn, Nathaniel Okenwa, Bryan robinson and Ben vinegar.
  • Find all the conferences and workshops on jamstackconf.com/agenda.

The Jamstack Conf will present the 2021 Jammies Award, showcasing outstanding web creators and projects in six categories, voted on by the community.


Netlify is hosting the event with the support of over 40 Jamstack Conf 2021 sponsors across the Jamstack ecosystem, including Algolia, Builder.io, Cosmic, Checkly, Cloudinary, Cloud Cannon, Cockroach Labs, Commerce Layer, Common Room, Contentful, Courier, DataStax, ElasticPath, Fauna, Gatsby, GraphCMS, Imgix, Ionic, Kentico, Layer0 (acquired by Limelight Networks), Magic, Monogram, Mux, Nacelle, Neo4j, New Relic, Prismic, Saleor, Sanity.io, Sentry, Shogun , Smashing Magazine, Snipcart, StepZen, Storyblok, Strapi, Swell, Twilio and Uniform.dev.


Sign up for free Jamstack Conf virtual conferences and more at October 6 at jamstackconf.com. Convenient developer workshops are also available on October 7 for an additional cost.

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