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Kidrex is a safe search engine for children

With the increasing use of the Internet, it becomes even more important and difficult for parents to keep an eye on their children’s browsing habits. For the past two years, children have been taking their lessons online, so parents have to leave them with the machines. We don’t know what our kids are browsing on the internet or what they’re up against, and that can be dangerous. The major problem today is the overflow of information on the web. Also, there is no age requirement for visiting a website. All you get is a checkbox asking if you’re 18 or not. All information is freely available to everyone and this is alarming.

KidRex Safe Search Engine for Kids

There are many such programs available on the web that allow parents to control their children’s internet usage and browsing hours, but today in this article we are going to talk about a special search for children. KidRex, is the search engine I’m talking about. This is a free search engine for kids by Let’s learn how this search engine is useful for parents to keep their children safe on the Internet.

Click the Parents link on the home page to see KidRex features. They have a link to your kids’ online safety tips. Check it carefully. I will add the page link at the end of this post. Don’t forget to check this.

KidRex is a safe search engine for children with fun elements. This search engine is powered by Google Custom Search, but only brings search results relevant to children across the web using Google SafeSearch technology. The technology filters keywords, phrases, and URLs to remove sexually explicit content from your child’s search results. No filter is 100% safe, but removes almost all inappropriate results from your children’s searches. Additionally, KidRex has its own database of inappropriate words and websites to reduce the possibility of showing inappropriate search results to children. If a child uses any of these words in the KidRex search engine, they come back with a ‘Oops, try again’ message.

KidRex Webpage Removal Request Tool

Even after all the filters, if you ever see an inappropriate search result in KidRex, you can request removal of that particular webpage. Click on the Parents tab on the home page, then click on the Webpage Removal Request Tool. Fill in the details of the web page you want to exclude from your child’s search results and submit it.

Overall, KidRex is a nice, simple and useful free search engine for your kids. You can rest assured that your kids will not land on any of the inappropriate web pages while using KidRex. And if you still find any of these web pages, you can remove them using the web page removal request tool.

Check the official website to start using it.

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How do I use Child Safe Search?

You can use KidRex as a special search engine for your children. It is powered by Google Safe Search which removes all inappropriate content from your children’s search results.

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How do I monitor my child’s Google searches?

You can use Family Link to manage research activities on behalf of your child. Safe Search is enabled by default to help filter out explicit content from search results.