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Microsoft Edge Collections now lets you follow online content creators

Microsoft has announced a handful of improvements for its Edge browser’s Collections feature, especially on desktop devices. This includes a new “Inspiration Stream” and the ability to follow content creators across the web.

The latter is potentially one of the most interesting features, even if it is gradually being rolled out. Essentially, when you visit a content creator‘s page on the internet, Edge lets you follow them so you can stay updated on their content. Of course, you can usually do this on every website, but doing so will bring all of your tracks under the Collections umbrella in Edge itself. To begin with, this feature will be supported on a limited number of websites, but more will be added over time. Microsoft says YouTube, TikTok, and BiliBili are all supported, so that’s already a solid selection.

Once you start following someone, you can click the Collections button on the Edge toolbar to see the latest content from the content creators you follow, regardless of what website you’re on. This makes it much easier to keep up to date with the latest content without having to visit each website individually. This feature was originally discovered in January, but it’s great to see it finally available.

Another new feature for Collections is the Inspiration Stream. In addition to saving the content you choose, Collections can now recommend content based on what you’ve already added. For example, if you have a collection of tourist sites to visit in a city, Edge could recommend others in the surrounding area.

The latest addition to Collections is the ability to quickly add images you find on the web to a Collection. When browsing the web, you can simply hover over an image to see the button to add that image to a collection.

Microsoft Edge with Add to Collection and Bing Visual Search buttons on an image

And that’s not the only new button you’ll see, as Microsoft is also integrating Bing visual search into Edge. When you see an image you want to learn more about, you can hover over it and then click the Big Visual Search icon to search for information about it. For example, you might be able to buy a pair of shoes that you find online by searching for it that way.

These new features are rolling out and you should be able to see them if you have the latest version of Edge. However, if you’ve created collections before, it may take some time for new features to appear, as your existing collections need to be upgraded to support the new features.

Source: Microsoft