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Nafty Launches Blockchain-Based Platform to Empower Content Creators and Reward Users

NaftyArt is a creative playground for artists, curators and collectors. They launch the exclusive NFT Nafty Angels collection.

Romania – Following the success of previous ventures, the first Graphic Art NFT Marketplace was launched last year. The Nafty Art NFT marketplace has attracted both investors and content artists.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are blockchain-based visual crypto assets that are different from each other and can be used to indicate ownership of a digital property.

Since the launch of, influencers and content creators have been salivating at the thought of using is a decentralized network that democratizes social media by providing a platform where users make decisions. They make decisions about platform policies, new features, and how to advertise the platform.

Nafty is friendly

Since the inception of social media, platform creators have tightened their grip on consumers. Dictate what individuals are allowed to share, discuss or produce. Meanwhile, advertising, user content, and the sale of user data to the highest bidders fetch billions of dollars a year. People are crying out for change and the ability to take back control of their social media accounts. was meant to provide people with exactly that. Here it is much more user-friendly than other platforms:

Users receive powers from Nafty.

Users can immediately monetize their content. Simple marketing tools make it easy to promote content and build an audience.

The site accepts cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, which benefits the entire community.

There will be no more draconian content censorship or account termination.

Wicked Token

NAFTY is the native token of the ecosystem. The token is built on the Binance blockchain and can be traded on Pancakeswap. Token holders will benefit from transaction fees taken from the Nafty ecosystem in the form of passive income. They can also use it to tip creators, buy NFTs, and pay for subscriptions. Because NAFTY is a governance token, token holders can engage in governance concerns and affect the roadmap of the Nafty ecosystem. All transactions with Nafty are subject to a 4% fee. Transaction fees are distributed to current token holders in proportion to their holdings as rewards. To reduce the supply, an additional 4% fee is locked in the liquidity pool. Revenues made on Nafty’s platforms are used to redeem and burn LP tokens, increasing the value of the token. In order to increase the value of the token for all holders, an additional 2% will be withdrawn from circulation.

The Nafty ecosystem

The Nafty ecosystem consists of four platforms, each of which will use Nafty as a functional token: – NFT Marketplace will feature artwork from around the world with the aim of connecting brilliant artists with eager buyers. will be replaced by, which will offer lower fees, better payment structures for creators, and other beneficial marketing options. – The final component of the ecosystem is a subscription platform for unique content that will require an annual fee. is a leading payment solution for the legal industry. It allows payments and withdrawals of Nafty tokens on any platform, as well as cryptocurrency exchanges.

Users will find it simple to monetize their work while being able to advertise it to their fans using a fan site and NFT marketplace. Other social media networks, on the other hand, prohibit artists from linking their paid material to their followers. not only takes care of content promotion, but also makes it super easy with its built-in marketing tools. Users can easily improve their income by diversifying their sources of income, and since everything is done on the blockchain, all sales are final and immediate. There were no false chargebacks and no money was held for months. Immediate payment, which means that users are immediately paid for what they have earned.

The project developers shared: “We are happy and excited to have created an ecosystem of platforms that, together with the Nafty Token, give creators the power and earning potential they deserve. Finally, they can be fairly remunerated without having to pay a substantial part of their fees. We are overwhelmed with the response we have received. We are launching an exclusive Nafty Angels NFT collection and will continue to offer many more exclusive NFT collections.

Nafty has partnered with well-known celebrities to bring their exclusive content to its platforms. Nafty empowers content creators to earn more and content consumers to pay less by cutting out middlemen and dramatically reducing payment processing rates.

For more details and information, visit their website.

About Nafty

Nafty is a decentralized ecosystem that uses blockchain to empower content creators. It cuts out the middleman, provides low-cost payment options, and marketing tools to help creators build a fan following. The NAFTY coin serves as the governance token of the ecosystem.

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