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New Canto Features Help Digital Content Creators Meet Growing Demand

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Canto, a leading provider of digital asset management software, today announced a suite of new innovations aimed at arming brands and marketers to scale digital content creation in 2022 and beyond. The demand for videos and other interactive digital content is skyrocketing with no signs of slowing down, and creatives are tasked with doing more with the same (or fewer) resources. Canto’s new suite of features allows teams to focus on creating meaningful work, optimizing time and resources.

The company also reports record 62% year-over-year growth in annual recurring revenue and a net customer retention rate of 110%, with continued momentum in corporate accounts.

New features include:

  • Content discovery, recommendations, relationships: Using AI-powered search tools, smart filters, and facial recognition, teams can now instantly find the right assets using “Related Files” function, which links multiple files together.
  • Video: From VR product shots to 360° destination tours, Canto now makes it possible to download, preview, annotate and share interactive content directly from the web browser. Users can also create different video clips from the same full-length video while keeping each clip linked to the source.
  • iOS version: As remote work remains the norm, more and more content production is happening on mobile devices. Users can now access their full Canto library from anywhere via the iOS Canto app.
  • Performance and speed improvements: Canto plans to continue efficiency upgrades in 2022 by offering local hosting in new geographies and even further optimizations for upload/download speeds.

“The pandemic has accelerated the real-time digital shift, but the signals have become more evident each year. Media, educational institutions, retail companies and healthcare are executing a digital-first strategy,” said Canto CEO Jack McGannon. “As brands and marketers expand their digital footprints, we’ve prioritized innovation that allows teams to focus on creating meaningful work that drives their business forward.”

“One of our top business priorities this year is to improve the efficiency of our teams,” said Julie Scherr, vice president of revenue operations at Kin Euphorics. “Canto makes organizing, finding, and tracking our thousands of digital assets easier and more efficient than even most search engines. As a result, we’ve increased the speed at which we can deliver creative assets, better positioning our team and partners to engage with our customers in more meaningful ways.”

With adoption across all segments, the global digital content creation market size is expected to reach $38.2 billion by 2030. Canto supports over 2,000 customers by simplifying collaboration and execution of content creation and marketing campaigns. The Canto Platform is a 360 degree library that handles everything from storing and downloading files to quickly finding and sharing assets including images, videos, graphics, presentations and more.

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Canto helps teams work faster and smarter when managing, creating and sharing digital content. For more than 30 years, we’ve defined the digital asset management (DAM) industry and ushered it into the modern era, making DAM both simple and scalable.

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