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Norfolk Southern Launches First Industrial Site Search Engine | State

ATLANTA, December 16, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Norfolk Southern (NYSE: NSC) has launched NSites, a GIS-based search engine to help businesses easily find rail-served industrial sites and transloading facilities that meet their needs. This innovative online portal provides comprehensive information on industrial sites near Norfolk Southern’s transport infrastructure, encouraging investment and job creation.

Norfolk Southern’s network connects customers to all of the major container ports in the eastern United States and reaches the majority of the nation’s population and manufacturing base.

“We developed NSites with the user in mind, to empower current and future customers in site selection decisions,” said Ed Elkins, executive vice president and chief marketing officer. “Before NSites, there was no one-stop shop to help large manufacturers, site selection professionals and developers identify and compare rail-served industrial sites that offer the exact site characteristics they have. need. “

The search tool includes more than 800 industrial sites available across the 22-state railroad, all verified to be accessible by rail by Norfolk Southern or one of its shortline partners. In addition, users can find nearly 250 rail-to-truck transloading facilities in key markets in the eastern United States.

Similar to online residential real estate sites that allow users to search for homes based on their criteria, NSites allows for a personalized property search. Using targeted filters, businesses can sift results based on square footage, location, existing warehouses, and proximity to highways, intermodal terminals, and port facilities.

“Technology is at the heart of how we serve our customers, and NSites is one of the many initiatives we are developing to build the digital railroad of the future,” said Elkins.

Access to cost-effective and environmentally friendly rail transport is an increasingly important factor in the site selection process for manufacturing and distribution companies with multimodal supply chains. The NSites platform improves the transparency and efficiency of the process, providing users with site-specific Norfolk Southern contacts who can answer questions and coordinate projects from initial contact through to delivery of the first car.

“Norfolk Southern provides safe, reliable and efficient freight transportation which is also the most sustainable option for shipping freight overland. Shipping by rail instead of truck reduces carbon emissions by an average of 75%, ”said Elkins. “Investing in sites accessible by rail also helps create jobs in the communities we serve. “

Among its many innovative features, NSites offers site brochures and automatically generated and downloadable site data that users can analyze offline and share with other stakeholders in the site selection process.

For a brief demonstration of the NSites platform, click here and for more information, visit

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Norfolk Southern Corporation (NYSE: NSC) is one of the nation’s leading transportation companies, transporting the goods and materials that drive the U.S. economy. Norfolk Southern connects customers to markets and communities to economic opportunity, with safe, reliable and cost-effective shipping solutions. The company’s service area includes 22 states and the District of Colombia, all the major container ports in the East United States, and a majority of the US population and manufacturing base.

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