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SearchFree unveils the world’s first search engine for conservatives and libertarians

SearchFree has just announced the official launch of its revolutionary new search engine, the world’s first-ever search engine designed for conservatives and liberals.

Major search engines tend to rank content based on their algorithms, which route search queries to major corporate media. It is therefore difficult for Internet users to find unbiased information. SearchFree offers a solution with algorithms that indexes websites based on conservative and libertarian content and ranks them based on their quality.

SearchFree brings people around the world a new, conservative search engine with algorithms that speak to this audience in ways mainstream search engines simply can’t. The search engine market is currently held in a tight grip that essentially allows people to search for information but only see what has been curated for them. SearchFree changes that narrative.

SearchFree.Link uses manually selected links and an algorithmic approximation of similar websites to give users the information they want. This also makes SearchFree a great resource for alternative information and double-checking facts.

As the SearchFree algorithms continue to evolve, their team invites conservatives and libertarians alike to give the site a try. More information can be found at

About SearchFree

SearchFree is the world’s leading search engine for conservatives and libertarians.