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Short video app Sharara creates monetization opportunities for content creators

In today’s decade where advancements in technology are taking place in all sectors, the operation of software, gadgets or applications sometimes becomes monotonous. It happens because of a lack of imagination. Currently, even “short video platforms” are very trendy, but despite their plethora, the element of uniqueness is still missing. However, it is certain that all it takes is zeal and the desire to bring out something new. One such platform that helps bring out the creativity they see within, with their innovative platform is Sharara, which is powered by Techjet.

The short video platform that operates around the motto of ‘Create, share, connect‘ has a user base of over 18 million. Their Shararatis community is made up of members of all age groups. Regardless of their age, each user is welcomed with open arms and given the opportunity to show their immense talent, while each of them is highly appreciated. They give every content curator equal space to create content, which reaches more of the right audience because Sharara is an easy discovery platform. Additionally, the platform also provides tips and tricks from field experts to help newcomers produce original content. Apart from enabling people to become content creators, Sharara also creates monetization opportunities for some of them whose content stands out from the crowd.

One of the main factors that helped Sharara standing out from the rest is the fact that the team behind its ideation has been in the industry for quite some time. In early 2016, the team Techjet has developed a job search app that has helped aspirants to follow the right direction and find their desired career. Then later in the year 2017, an EdTech startup app emerged which provided in-depth career guidance to young people in Maharashtra and so far it has over 100,000 downloads. Regardless of success, the team never stopped learning and incorporating trending elements. In 2018, therefore, they developed an OTT platform that ranked among the top 3 trending video players. Fast forward to 2019, Techjet created Sharara, the short video platform to help people bring out their creative side.

Speaking of Sharara, Vishal Sultane, the Founder and CEO says, “We limit ourselves to one thought pattern, that’s where we fail, remember it’s supposed to be curious and learn new things. The passion and spark is hidden inside everyone, however, only a few can turn that spark into fire and reach unimaginable heights. To achieve something, a person does not need to understand rocket science; rather by simply doing what they love the most, they can thrive. The same idea was behind Sharara, through which we aim to bring out the creative side of people. With simple tools and an easy-to-understand user interface, the short video platform has created a space for everyone to show off their hidden talent for content creation. With Sharara, we can, you can, and everyone can.

Aiming to provide nothing less than excellence, Sharara provides powerful creative tools to its users. They have a rich music library, amazing filters to add to the glam of every creator, advanced camera features to enhance the shooting experience, special effects like slow motion and reverse, and video and sound editors to help content make an impact and the content creators can collaborate more, learn and support each other. Even for the public, they have an algorithm that helps them find quality but personalized content. Techjet’s eagerness to explore has introduced them to the latest Gen-Z technologies like Web3, AR, and VR that they plan to integrate into each of their apps. In the near future, the team plans to combine virtual reality with Sharara, so creators can make videos in a virtual environment and have an even wider spectrum of leads.