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Spotify’s latest Sound Up incubator program targets kids and family content creators. | Daily News Podcast

Spotify launched the Sound Up program in 2018 to give underrepresented podcasters the tools to boost their platforms and create their own shows. He targeted a variety of groups — including Hispanic producers last fall. Now, the program turns to producers of a specific genre: Kids & Family.

For ten aspiring podcasters selected to participate in the five-month training program, they will receive support and guidance from Spotify on how to develop their family-friendly show. Spotify will also provide them with any technology or tools they need to produce their series. Spotify says attendees will learn the art and strategy of podcast creation and the ins and outs of development, while focusing on what it takes to create high-quality content for families with the support of experts in child development, education and content safety.

“The program amplifies the power of storytelling and provides actionable insights for each participant to create their own fictional or non-fiction pilot episode that takes into account the intellect and emotional well-being of children to provide an experience of rich co-listening,” the company said in the announcement. .

Sound Up will begin with a week-long in-person training program at Spotify’s Los Angeles offices. As part of the program, Spotify will pair participants with a podcast producer or third-party production company to help them produce, record and edit a pilot episode over a two-month period. And while there’s no money paid out to producers, Spotify said it will provide a stipend to help cover travel and hotel costs in some cases.

The latest Sound Up program will be led by longtime Spotify collaborator Rekha Murthy, independent podcast strategist, and Dawn J. Fraser, professional storyteller and communications coach.

Spotify is accepting applications until April 8. It will also host a Greenroom event on March 24 to help guide people through the program. Find the details HERE.

Since its launch in 2018, Spotify’s Sound Up has helped underrepresented creators get their feet and mics in the door of podcasting. Last month, the streamer announced it was expanding programs to a dozen countries — including two for the US and one dedicated to the Hispanic market — as well as programs in Mexico, the UK, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, India, Japan and Sweden.