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Sumukhi Suresh to Ahsaas Channa: Are content creators the new OTT craze? | Web series

From parodies on trending topics to relatable content that strikes a chord with their followers, a host of YouTubers, TikTokers, and social media influencers dominate the social media world. And now it looks like they’ve captivated web series makers and creators as well.

With recent shows such as Mismatched, Daze Youth Hostel, Please find attached, Campus Newspapers and Bhaag Bhaag Beanie, many digital content creators have taken to acting and added to the experimental cast of on-the-go web shows. Content creator Bhuvan Bam, who directed and starred in Dhindora last year, said, “Until now, we were mainly approached for film promotions, but times have changed. I’m glad we have bigger platforms to showcase our creativity.

Pictures of Hostel Daze and Pushpavalli

It is debatable whether webcasts are taking advantage of the popularity of content creators. Radhika Seth, who marked her acting debut with Call my bollywood agent, believes that having a content creator with “a loyal subscriber base” helps webcasts attract more eyeballs. She says, “I wouldn’t say subscriber base translates directly to viewers, but people feel comfortable watching a familiar face whose personal life they’ve seen unfold over the years.”

Similarly, actor-influencer Ahsaas Channa, who headlined Daze Youth Hostel and Jugaadistan, believes that “many subscribers are definitely an added bonus for the steps on the project” that she is a part of. “Social media is definitely a blessing, especially for aspiring actors. So many content creators, who are willing and interested, have the opportunity to participate in shows. I look forward to more surprises,” she states, but adds that their fate will ultimately be decided by the public.

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The trend is also a boon for digital creators who have the opportunity to be part of the industry. “Star power is no longer an important ingredient,” shares YouTuber BeYouNick, who appeared in the web series The office canteenand is passionate about writing and producing shows on his own now.

And, comedian and content creator Sumukhi Suresh, who wrote and starred in Pushpavallibelieves that this trend has opened doors for those without connections in the film industry: “Web shows no longer just capitalize on the standard rule of casting actors with certain looks. Today, they can throw so many other types of people in. That way those who don’t have a lot of contacts within the industry have a chance because they’re alone on social media.