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Tech Educators Launches New Program for Web Developers

3:46 PM March 30, 2022

Akcela, a tech incubator in downtown Norwich, has launched a new training program that enables people to become professional web developers in as little as nine weeks.

Tech Educators, Akcela’s web3 coding bootcamp, has partnered with US-based Code Fellows on the Full Stack program, which will provide individuals with the training they need to get started in the tech industry.

To mark the launch of the program, Tech Educators is offering the first 50 places for free in the introductory course, Code 101 – Introduction to Software.

“Tech companies continue to thrive in the UK market, with investment increasing 2.3x, to an estimated total of £29.4bn in 2021,” said James Adams, chief executive of Akcela and Tech Educators.

“Continuing to build a strong and sustainable economy requires both access to capital and top talent,” he added. “Our partnership with Code Fellows means we can provide top-notch, up-to-date training, allowing us to focus on our core goals of researching, supporting and training software developers of the future.”

James Adams, CEO of Akcela and Tech Educators
– Credit: Technical Educators

Mitchell Robertson, Vice President of Code Fellows, said, “At Code Fellows, our mission is to find like-minded partners in communities around the world and support them with our proven curriculum, educational methodologies and expertise. peak. By working together, we are able to leverage our collective strengths to provide the skills that lead to rewarding technology careers that are often relegated to a select few.

“It is our honor to work alongside Technical Educators to provide them with the curriculum, training and support they need, to change lives, businesses and the wider East of England economy. .”

For more information visit www.techeducators.co.uk/101