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The 11 Best Chrome Color Picker Extensions for Web Designers

Graphic designers who use Google Chrome as main browser can benefit immensely from color picker extensions for Chrome. Color selection for design projects takes time, and digital creatives are always looking for ways to improve their workflows without giving up unique color schemes for their designs.

Whether you’re a web developer, graphic designer, or just someone who needs to match specific colors, color picker browser extensions lets you easily find the HEX, RGB, and HSL values ​​of any color on the web. After a few clicks, you can access any code for match the color you need with those 11 Color Picker Extensions for Google Chrome.

The ColorPick eyedropper for Chrome is a transparent and easy to use extension. Eyedropper differs from other color picker extensions in its lack of advanced options and features. It offers a simple enlarged eyedropper and color picker tool for color selection from web pages and other online sources.

Once the extension is activated, you can get HEX and RGB values ​​just by clicking colors you want to capture. The ColorPick Eyedropper extension is not entirely devoid of options. It gives you the unique ability to change the user interface and selection behavior of web pages.

Use the expanded color dropper and color picker tools to find color values ​​on your favorite websites and more with the Color Picker Eydropper extension

If you require find colors anytime on the browserChrome Color Picker by Yubi extension is one of the best such tools available. It allows you to identify and source HEX and RGB codes anywhere on the website. After installing the plugin, simply visit a web page and locate the desired color.

When you click on the extension icon, you activate the Color Picker slider which allows you to tap on your selected color points. Once you click on the color, you see color codes in HEX and RGB. Simply copy and paste the code, repeating the steps above as needed.

This Color Picker by Yubi extension lets you inspect colors anywhere in your browser

Designers looking for a well-styled color picker in a pop-up window will appreciate the Linang Data Color Picker Plugin. Quickly locate your favorite colors with this simple Chrome extension that lets you search from a clean and visually appealing popup window. To use Liang Data’s Color Picker, click the toolbar icon to review the interface.

On the screen, you will notice that the pop-up window reveals four separate sections. The middle part contains a color palette icon while the top contains your toolbar and control buttons. Use the color palette icon to activate the Native Color Picker UI. Keep in mind that the native color picker UI varies greatly depending on your operating system and browser choice. After choosing the color, the right side of the pop-up window shows you the color values ​​in up to six different formats.

Web designers and developers love the custom color scheme of this color picker from Linang Data

Image Color Picker Chrome extension gives you quick access to CMYK, RGB and HTML color codes by simply uploading the image and dragging your mouse to select the desired color. The extension reveals the corresponding color codes and color preview under the image upload button.

This color picker extension for Chrome is popular among graphic designers and web designers. It easily allows users to find color codes on images and logos and does not require additional stand-alone tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw or MS Paint. The simplified user interface and fast download times are two of the main advantages of the extension.

A simple and reliable color picker.  Grab the color of any website with Image Color Picker

Graphic designers and developers like the Easy Color Picker for Chrome because they can get color codes from any web page or select from the extension’s color selection chart. The plugin supports HEX, RGB, and HSB values ​​and keeps a history of your chosen colors for future reference.

Users report this extension as compact, easy to use, reliable and equipped with more features you will need a color picker extension. The plugin produces any chromaticity based on RGB colors and their specified intensities. This browser add-on is invaluable for obtaining accurate HEX/RGB/HSB values and keep track of your previously selected colors.

A quick and simple color picker.  Easily find HEX, HTML, RGB, HSL and CMYK codes with Easy Color Picker

This Image Color Picker extension for Chrome is for developers and designers who work exclusively in HEX, RGB, HSL and CMYK formats. Like the other color pickers discussed above, Image Color Picker helps you find your perfect color in just a few clicks.

The Image Color Picker tool helps you locate precise color palettes to match your design images and create captivating color combinations in seconds. Using the extension is simple. Simply add your photo to the page or upload it from your device using the browse button. You can also add images from a specified URL.

Locate the perfect color for your next design project in HEX, RGB and CMYK codes with Image Color Extension

Accessible Color Picker for Google Chrome is the best extension to ensure a web page is accessible to users with a range of vision and color issues. Web design best practices call for clear, enhanced contrast between text and foreground and background images on the page. Whether users with monochrome screens or those with a limited ability to interpret color frequently access your page, the Accessible color picker extension ensures that the content of your page is readable.

This browser plugin is a effective tool to assess the accessibility of your web page by analyzing its color palette. If, for example, your colors don’t provide enough contrast, the extension helps you select similar colors that improve the contrast ratio. The interface allows you to switch foreground versus background seamlessly when testing out different variations. Accessible Color Picker is a valuable tool for designers and developers whose sites need to adhere to specific web accessibility standards.

Accessible color picker for Chrome helps ensure your pages meet visual accessibility standards

This easy to use tool has been developed to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud-based computing platform. The free extension will be change the color of the AWS console header depending on the region you select. This color change serves as visual clue this saves you from creating resources in the wrong region.

After adding the color of regions from the AWS console to Chrome, you can click the icon to display a drop-down menu with different regions and their color codes. Without collecting datathe extension will be add code to region header. There are also flags associated with each city/region. This is a simple upgrade that can stop costly unintended actions when using AWS.

Drop-down menu for the AWS Console Regions Color tool.

The simple material design palette supports HEX, RGB and RGBA codes and is an effective tool for developers who need quick access to Google Material Design Colors. Google recommends its own material design system to improve the user interface of any user who views your web page from their browser.

Designers understand that their color themes should be harmonious and accessible while distinguishing various key UI elements and the surface of the pages. The simple material design palette makes this task easier. The simplified presentation of the palettes of the extension makes it possible to access the colors you need in the browser without leaving the tab or navigate to another program.

An easy to use extension, you can access simple material design palette from your browser

Select different background colors for simple images with this Image Background Color Picker extension for Chrome. Also available for Firefox, you can choose colors from any website or use the checkerboard feature to find your ideal color scheme. Extension makes it easier to distinguish transparent PNGs on web pagesallowing you to customize background colors and textures.

Some users noted that Image Background Color Picker is categorized under Extension tools “Accessibility”but he does not distinguish between image types for UI accessibility purposes. The colors you choose with the image background color picker for Chrome apply to all image live view tabs. Note that the Choice The screen will open automatically if a change is forcibly imposed on any of your settings.

Image Background Color Picker helps you choose color backgrounds for simple images

Found under “development tools“, this color picker allows you to generate and reproduce colors in RGB and HEX codes. The Chrome plug-in includes advanced eyedropper, color picker, gradient generatorand other colorful selection tools, making it a very popular extension for Firefox and Chrome look alike.

This color picker for RGB and HEX provides accurate color reading from any point in your browser. You can easily adjust your colors before pasting the code into another program using, Ultimate CSS gradient generator, Web Color Analyzerand his Photoshop style Advanced color picker.

Pick colors from any webpage and get both RGB and hex values ​​with RGB Hex Color Picker extension