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The government could impose a tax on freelancers and online content creators

KARACHI: As the Pakistani economy is going through tough times, the government is looking for new areas to collect taxes. In this business, it can impose a tax on freelancers and online content creators.

According to sources, a 30% tax is planned for freelancers, if this happens it will be a huge setback for the industry. Freelancers, e-commerce and IT exports are the ones that earn dollars in Pakistan.

Reacting to news about the taxation of freelancers, people connected to the field said, “The government has the right to tax freelancers, we are certainly not the ones running away from it. Everyone in the online community should pay taxes and prove they’re a good citizen, but it’s also the government’s responsibility to fix our problems.

“Because of us, dollars are coming into Pakistan and according to government data, it is $396 million in freelancer remittances and $21.9 million in domestic transactions,” they added.

“We all know how important the Internet is in today’s world. So we have to need those answers,”

1) Does the government regulate Internet Service Providers? What efforts are made to provide us with safe, secure and fast Internet services?

2) Freelancers, service providers, and IT experts are simple creatures whose entire world is our small room office. And by working on it, we managed to bring tons of dollars to Pakistan.

3) We have permanent dark circles around our eyes from working days and nights and sitting in one place all day has taken a toll on our backs. We are literally breaking our backs for this country and now is the time to make their lives easier and encourage this industry to fly more.

“Government should think about subsidizing and lightening their businesses instead of even thinking about imposing more taxes on them for the industry that helps bring dollars to Pakistan,” they concluded.