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The social network has announced a subscription test for content creators in the United States


Instagram’s goal is to offer new sources to monetize paid access to content

Instagram is testing the subscription feature with some creators – Image: Play

The Instagram He started experimenting with the paid subscription function for a small group of selected profiles in the United States. The subscription will work for subscribers with a monthly amount, set by the creator/influencer, with the aim that there are more and more people earning money from the content published on the platform.

On its page, you can find the “Subscribe” button, which provides special benefits to its subscribers. Subscriptions allow content creators to monetize and reach their most engaged subscribers by delivering unique content and experiences. When there is a closed live stream for example, these people will be notified of the post, which will be an opportunity to connect with your favorite creator.

Recently, the head of the social network, Adam Mosseri, said that starting in 2022, the platform will test a few changes to improve the experience of users of the application, the first of which is access to three types of food personalized: “residence‘, a feed similar to the current feed, with profile and page recommendations between tracked profile posts, governed by the platform’s algorithm.

the “following”, a feed in which the messages of the accounts are ordered chronologically, without interference from the algorithm of the platform. It’s the”Favorite”, which will highlight posts from accounts that the user has selected as “Favorites” (e.g. favorite creators, relatives and friends profiles). It should be noted that all new changes are still in the testing phase only for some of the profiles you have selected. business.