Search engine

These are the improvements implemented by Reddit in its search engine

There is no doubt that there are brilliant comments on Reddit but difficult to access due to the existence of many other comments, where the only alternative until now was to browse all the comments received in a post until to find the most interesting to stop. them, with the time that this implies.

But a new search engine is changing on Reddit will also make comments easy to access when you start contemplating them.

In this way, In addition to making it easier to find posts, communities and people, comments will now also appear via search, especially if you focus on finding comments in specific communities to get the most relevant ones available on your posts.

Access interesting comments more easily

This has been a highly requested aspect by veteran platform users for some time, and now, after some time of testing in which a small group of users have successfully participated, it is officially becoming a reality. .

On the other hand, Reddit has also done your search engine will be more flexible, allowing you to offer more relevant and more visible results without having to specify the search terms used.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that the search engine will take user search patterns into account and the number of clicks received on them, which will help to better understand what is most relevant to users during subsequent searches.

Finally, in the search engine changes, it starts to prioritize posts by content typeand to make searching more enjoyable, its design has just been updated to provide a simpler appearance.

In this way, Reddit seeks to satisfy the needs of users, although these innovations will begin to be implemented initially in its desktop version for later, without a fixed date in this regard, they will also be available on mobile devices.