Web developers

Web developers will benefit from the new WordPress dashboard plugin created by the Northamptonshire company

Onefoursix’s new custom WordPress dashboard plugin, WP Panel, allows developers to customize the content management system that is used to host and build millions of websites around the world.

It allows developers to white-label the WordPress dashboard and provides basic developer tools like Google Analytics integration and a user-level menu manager.

As a result, users see a vastly improved brand dashboard with features like their Google Analytics data, recent leads, WooCommerce sales data, and a more manageable and relevant WordPress menu.

Dave Williams with members of the WP Panel team

Onefoursix and WP Panel Founder, Dave Williams, said, “There are over 455 million WordPress websites worldwide, but the back-end of these sites often doesn’t look or work like the way their owners want them and they can be difficult for staff to use.

“With WP Panel, users can completely transform their WordPress dashboard to make it easy for staff to use, white labeling key areas of the dashboard to reflect their company’s branding.

“It dramatically improves the user experience and is a game-changer for WordPress agencies and web developers as it provides their clients with a WordPress dashboard that is both user-friendly and includes a host of great features for developers and users.

“At onefoursix, we have already started using WP Panel on the sites we manage for our clients and it has made a huge difference. Indeed, with WP Panel, you get a hassle-free platform that more or less takes care of itself.

Great features include a dedicated settings area giving agencies and web developers the ability to control advanced features and the ability to easily integrate Google Analytics, WooCommerce, Live Chat, Google Webmaster Verification, and Google and media tracking codes social.

Menus can be renamed to simplify the backend of WordPress sites, they can be collapsed to only give users access to key admin pages with the menu manager and how-to videos are provided to show users how to easily manage their websites.

Developers can also disable specific features such as the ability to change themes, add plugins, or perform updates.

Additionally, there is login redirection which helps eliminate the threat of brute force attacks from bots and even the ability to customize the login screen for users. WP Panel is available through a range of affordable annual plans, starting at £29 per year, but the developers have also made a basic free version available.

The free version allows users to install the new user dashboard, rename the theme, add tracking codes such as Google Analytics tracking ID and Facebook pixel, rename and redirect the login, hide reminder notices, and disable Gutenberg. It is available for free on the WP Panel website.