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What Content Creators Should Consider Before Choosing an Influencer Marketing Platform

Reading time: 3 minutes

Content creators use social media platforms and influencer marketing to increase traffic and engagement. The demand for these marketing programs has grown exponentially in recent years. The influencer marketing industry has created various businesses that can help content creators achieve their goals more effectively to succeed.

However, not all influencer marketing services are created equal. Although some platforms have higher production costs than others, they also offer deeper analysis and reporting capabilities. This article will help content creators choose the right influencer marketing platform for them.

1. Advertising rates

Advertising rates may be an influencer’s first consideration when choosing a marketing platform. A higher ad rate in an influencer app usually means advertisers pay more per impression. However, creators should also consider the price difference between platforms before making a final decision. Some platforms offer price discounts for bulk purchases, which can benefit those who need a high volume of impressions.

2. Advertising Formats

Creators should also pay attention to ad formats to choose a platform based on what they want to specialize in. Platforms typically offer multiple ad formats available for purchase, including:

  • Internal announcements
  • External announcements

Internal ads are suitable for those who want to advertise to an audience inside their own social media platform. They appear in the user’s newsfeed and in a targeted list of users. External ads are generally more expensive than internal ads, but they provide better brand exposure.


Targeting options allow advertisers and content creators to focus on specific demographics and interests. This is advantageous because some platforms can be particular with their targeting options, while others are more general. Since there are so many different targeting options, content creators should make sure they know which ones they prefer.

4.Live broadcasts

Live streaming is an essential aspect of content marketing and should be selected carefully. Live streams can help a video get more views in less time than standard videos. However, one of the most critical factors for influencers is the makeup of an audience watching the live stream.

Live streams will not appear on a platform’s analytics page. Content creators therefore need to know which live streaming platform they plan to use. Some platforms only allow viewing a stream with an active Facebook account, while others may be more open to live streams from any social media account to reach a wider audience.

5. Video format options

Creators need to know how their choice of video formats will affect their content traffic. If they plan to include graphics or an overlay in their videos, they can consider a platform that offers a higher resolution option. This will ensure that their videos look as good as possible for viewers and lead to better conversions.

6. Video Duration Options

Video length is another factor content creators should consider when choosing an influencer marketing platform. Some platforms allow video durations of up to 60 seconds, while others allow longer or shorter durations. Content creators may choose to make longer videos to include more information about their campaigns and products.

7. Video Quality Options

Video quality can have a significant effect on the effectiveness of a campaign. Creators should consider the impact of video quality on their ability to reach their target audience, which will vary depending on the platform chosen.

Some platforms allow lower quality downloads while others allow users to download videos with higher resolution and better image quality. By increasing video quality, creators can increase the amount of product exposure and therefore increase conversion rates for the brands they work with.

8. Analysis and Reporting Features

While there are many different analytics features available to content creators, one of the most important things to consider is which platform gives the creator the best ability to view their stats. For example, some platforms only have basic analytics statistics, while others offer a wide range of data, such as information on geo-targeting and individual user behavior. Whatever type of data or level of information the platform provides to the creator, the creator must be able to access it in real time.


When choosing an influencer marketing platform, content creators should take the time to consider their options. Each platform has unique advantages that can affect the success of a campaign, and creators should select the one that best suits their needs. Ultimately, every influencer should carefully consider ad rates, targeting options, and video length before deciding on a platform.