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What is TikTok Creator Next and how does it reward content creators?

TikTok’s Creator Next provides content creators with additional monetization tools, such as receiving freebies right in the comments section of videos.

TIC Tac introduced a new Creator Next program, opening the door for more users to earn money from the content they produce for the short videos platform. The ByteDance-owned company recently paid special attention to the monetization aspect of TikTok, pushing it down as a legitimate online marketplace and a bustling place for creators to make money from their influence.

The company recently launched a new giveaway feature that allows viewers to send items to their favorite creator in live sessions. This was preceded by the release of TikTok Shopping, which turns the app into a shopping center for purchasing a wide range of products from merchants registered with Shopify. Interestingly, the company also introduced a CV feature not too long ago and with the aim of helping users find jobs through TikTok.


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Creator Next provides eligible users access to new and existing authoring features that can help them earn a living from the platform. From the eligibility criteria, users must be at least 18 years old, have at least 10,000 subscribers, over 1,000 video views and at least three posts in the past 30 days, and an account with no track record violation of community rules. . It should be noted that the minimum number of subscribers to become eligible varies by region, as do some features. Speaking of which, TikTok’s Creator Next is currently exclusive to creators in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, although it is expanding to Canada and Australia in the months to come.

More rewards for TikTok creators

TikTok Creator Next

The first benefit of TikTok’s Creator Next initiative is access to the Creator Fund, which is how the platform says “thank you” with money for making videos that drive engagement. Needless to say, the higher the commitment, the bigger the pay. Then there are LIVE Giveaways, which allow subscribers to tip their favorite TikTok stars in the form of redeemable diamonds during live broadcasts. However, the company is also adding new features. In addition to LIVE giveaways, subscribers can now also send creator giveaways directly in the comments section of a short video. Users only need to tap the gift icon next to the “add a comment”Then flood the designer with diamonds.

Next is the Tips feature, which allows viewers to tip their favorite content creators through Stripe. The “Tips”Appears on a creator’s profile page, much like the tip jar on Twitter. Fans and subscribers can choose to spend whatever amount they want and can also tip anonymously. However, tips are capped at $ 100 per transaction and $ 500 in a single day. The most important aspect here is that TikTok will not take a cut and the creators will receive the full value of any advice sent by fans. Finally, Creator Next also offers access to TIC Tac Creator Marketplace, where content creators can connect with brands to enter into sponsorship agreements and other forms of support from potential advertising partners.

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