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Work Smart Hypnosis Engages SEO National to Maximize Search Engine Optimization

Work Smart Hypnosis is on a mission to improve the field of hypnotism by helping practitioners become more efficient and profitable. In order to increase their reach with hypnotists and aspiring hypnotists, the company hired SEO National to boost their online presence.

SEO National is led by Forbes Agency Council member Damon Burton, who has helped Inc. 5000 companies, Shark Tank-represented businesses, and NBA team stores improve their search engine rankings. They optimize the Work Smart Hypnosis website and content so they can be found more easily online.

“Hypnosis is changing people’s lives in incredible ways as they seek to overcome anxiety and other limiting states of mind, and we want to help practitioners bring its benefits to as many people as possible” , said Jason Linett, CEO of Work Smart Hypnosis. “We have seen SEO National’s outstanding track record of improving online visibility, and we are very pleased to partner with them.”

Linett is responsible for the trainer qualification program for the International Certification Board of Clinical Coaches and Hypnotists. He trains aspiring hypnotists and helps practicing hypnotists improve their skills.

“Too often, hypnotists have been taught a rigid, cookie-cutter approach to hypnotism that is only moderately successful. meet the unique needs of their customers,” Linett said.

Linett also provides business coaching for hypnotists. “Just because you’re a good hypnotist doesn’t mean you’re a good businessman,” Linett said. It provides business and mindset training to help hypnotists succeed as entrepreneurs.

Linett is the recipient of the prestigious “Two Comma Award” for growing her own hypnotist business to 7 figures using marketing funnels and other business strategies.

“Jason is an inspiring entrepreneur, and he has a lot to offer fellow hypnotists who are just starting out or who have plateaued in their success and need mentorship to reach their full potential,” Burton said. “We are excited to help her grow her brand.”

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About Work Smart Hypnosis

Work Smart Hypnosis aims to improve the field of hypnotism by helping practitioners become more efficient and profitable. They offer professional hypnotist certifications and help hypnotists scale their businesses.