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Yep is a new search engine that rewards creators for content

In a surprising move, Ahrefs, the comprehensive tool that has been educating users about SEO for a decade, has developed its own search engine. Called Yep, the creator-friendly search engine will share 90% of ad revenue with creators.

Sounds like a pretty bold move, right? Especially in a world where Google controls over 70% of searches.

Other engines, like Bing and DuckDuckGo, have tried to shake up the search engine market. But none of them realistically compete with Google.

That said, Ahrefs is apparently convinced that its new strategy will be able to attract users. In fact, the company has already invested $60 million of its own resources in the development of the Yep search engine. And the revenue forecasts make this investment rather worthwhile.

“Let’s say the biggest search engine in the world makes $100 billion a year. Now imagine if they gave $90 billion to content creators and publishers. Wikipedia would probably earn a few billion dollars a year from its content. They could stop asking for donations and start paying decent wages to people who polish their articles,” bed one statement on the Yep website.

But the real question is how Ahrefs can make Yep a real contender in the already well-established search engine market? I know it will take a long time for me to switch to anything other than Google.

However, the idea behind Yep is solid. Without creators and publishers, there really is no room for search engines to thrive. It just seems like these engines are sharing some of the revenue they’ve earned off the backs of creators.

Ahrefs seems serious about his new project. The company invested $60 million in Yep without any outside investment. It will be interesting to see how this new venture from the company takes off.

The Yep search engine is available now on

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