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YouTube finally steps in to fight impersonation and abusive comments against content creators

Over the years, YouTube has become a valuable resource center for everything from learning hidden smartphone features, watching tech journals, to finding tutorials on how to cook exotic food recipes and learning smart tricks to solve math faster to studying writing programming codes. .

It should be noted that YouTube is the second most popular search engine behind Google Search. It is really a great platform for thousands of contributors to earn a living. But, the competition is so high that some in gear to make a quick buck try to copy the content or even impersonate the name and other sadists discourage the genuine creators with abusive comments and just by spite, do not like them.

Taking note of the issues plaguing content creators, Google removed the dislike count feature and also offered the option to block the abuser.

Now, the search engine giant’s year brings tougher measures to protect the real community of YouTube content creators.

“We know that comment spam and impersonation spam is a priority for the YouTube community, so today we’re sharing several updates that will help better protect our viewers and creators from spam. comments, as well as making it more difficult for creators to be impersonated,” Google’s YouTube team said.

Later this month, starting July 29, YouTube creators won’t be able to hide subscriber counts, and that way users will know if the channel is genuine or a duplicate creator.

It has emerged that some impersonators post links in the comments section of the real creator’s page and lure viewers away from the page to their own.

YouTube is also bringing a new comment moderation setting to “Increase strictness” in the “Awaiting Review” tab. This will be an optional feature that can help creators filter out even more spam and impersonation comments.

Additionally, YouTube reduces the character set available when choosing a channel name, as some characters would be used to impersonate channels.

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